New Kosher Kitchen Partnership with Emirates Airline to Produce 2000 Kosher Meals Per Day

Kosher Arabia, a new venture founded by CCL Holdings, will produce more than 2,000 OU Kosher-certified meals per day in an 1,858-square-meter facility in Dubai.  Serving Emirates Airlines and others along with hotels and events, the kitchen is expected to be a regional hub,  exporting premium kosher food locally and to  the rest of the world. 

The new venture is in partnership with Emirates Air will focus on catering to airlines.  This food services category has increased by 40% since 2014 according to Ross Kriel  At least 130,000 Israeli tourists and investors have flown to Dubai and Abu Dhabi since commercial air travel was established in mid-October following the Abraham Accords. 

Rabbi Y Dov Krakowski, the director of OU Kosher’s Israel branch, opened Kosher Arabia’s facility performing a ceremony placing a mezuzah, which is a piece of parchment called a klaf contained in a case and inscribed with specific verses from the Torah, at the building’s entrance. 

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