Consumer Kosher Articles

Shabbos Shaylos: Asking a Non-Jew To Relight A Hotel Kitchen’s Fire

Can one ask a non-Jew to relight a hotel kitchen’s fire which has been extinguished?

Just Another Eggsample

Possible Kosher Concerns with Raw Eggs

What Could Be Wrong With…Gum Arabic

Potential Kosher issues with Gum Arabic

Food Ingredients Label: A Primer on Regulations

Should salmon raised on feed that artificially keeps its flesh pink be labeled as containing “color additives”? That question is the subject of a class action lawsuit in Seattle against major supermarkets there. It is one of a number of lawsuits brewing across the country that center on food labeling, and it brings into focus […]


An exploration of the vanilla industry and its implications for Kosher.

All OU Symbols Explained

A complete list of all of the OU Symbols and their meaning.

OU Fact Sheet On NYC Water: August 13, 2004

The Creature: Crustaceans of the type called copepods (Copepoda) are appearing in NYC tap water. Several species are present. The primary species is Diacyclops thomasi, a very common type of copepod. It begins life measuring about 90 microns (.09 mm) and grows up to about 0.8 mm (males) and 1.4 mm (females) in about five […]

Thinking Kosher: An Introduction

An introduction to the meaning of the world of Kosher

Shechita In America, Past And Present: A Brief Overview

A history of Shechita in American and its Halachic Implications

What Could Be Wrong With…L-Cysteine?

When is the last time you have seen a harvest? Some of us can think back to last fall’s grape crunch; others can still picture a combine’s quick clearing of a wheat field for Shmurah flour. Most of us, however, could not rapidly identify the last harvest we witnessed. It would surprise many of us […]