Consumer Kosher Articles

Kosher Trucking

A survey of the Kosher implications of the trucking industry.

Checking Vegetables for Insect Infestation

In today’s modern society, food science has become highly complex. For the average consumer, attempting to read and understand ingredient labels has become a daunting task. For many, fresh or frozen vegetables remain a safe haven within the grasp of the consumer’s understanding, and are considered innocuous. Unfortunately, this perception is inaccurate and is predicated […]


When, over a hundred years ago, margarine was first introduced as a cheap alternative to butter, it was so threatening to butter’s prized place on the kitchen table that federal regulations in the United States, influenced by a powerful U.S. dairy industry, prohibited margarine makers from adding colorants to margarine, condemning the new spread to remain pale and whitish.

Franchising The Kosher Way

Franchising accounts for almost 50% of all retail business done in America and kosher consumers too are eager to literally take a bite into this boon. Notwithstanding for reasons soon to be outlined, these same consumers should know to proceed with caution before indulging. Most assuredly, there is indeed a kosher acceptable way to reap the benefits of the franchise business, but kosher consumers need to be aware of the nature of the industry and the consequent halachic considerations that must be met.

Cooked Or Not? Spicing Foods On Shabbos And Related Issues

Many questions regarding bishul on Shabbos are dependent on how the food was produced and due to modern production methods, in many cases the people with the most technical information on the topic are the kashrus professionals. Thus, consumers who want to know if they can put salt, spices or ketchup into their cholent, croutons into their soup, and similar questions will from time to time call the hashgachah agency that supervises those products – and this week’s column will discuss a number of those questions.

Natural Pareve Cheese Flavor

How can you have a pareve garlic and cheese flavored melba toast with natural cheese flavor?

General Technical Issues In Vinegar Plants

A vinegar plant appears to be a mass of gigantic, non-descript tanks, each one indistinguishable from one another. That’s the first problem that mashgichim face when visiting vinegar companies. Production is hidden within the tanks, and until mashgichim develop an understanding of how the vinegar is made, it is not at all easy to follow […]

Not By Bread Alone Does Man Live: Potato Products

A discussion of many of the issues involved in producing Kosher potato products.

Peeled Eggs, Onion Or Garlic Overnight

There are companies which sell peeled hard-boiled eggs and deviled eggs. This article examines the general issue of certification of hard-boiled eggs and similar items.

Which Foods Are Chametz?

An overview of the issues in determining what is chometz.