Consumer Kosher Articles

Not A Half-Baked Idea: Baking For Passover Offers Tasty Rewards

Passover is a time when the kosher consumer faces additional dietary restrictions. Leavened bread, termed chametz, is forbidden. The well-known traditional baked staple permitted and associated with Passover is matzah, which is baked from dough that does not rise. The dough used for matzah contains no yeast, just flour and water, and must be baked […]

Keeping Up with Passover Trenditions

Supermarkets across the globe know just the right moment to signal the Jewish consumer’s Passover panic. About six weeks before the holiday begins, the conspicuous Passover products display reminders appear–endless boxes of matzah, jars upon jars of gefilte fish, and bottles of grape juice, throwing the calmest of consumers into a flurry of mental ruminations. […]

The Kosher Color Spectrum: The Kosher Status Of Food Colorants

An explanation of food colorants and its implications for Kosher supervision.

The Beginnings Of OU Kosher

The beginnings of the Orthodox Union’s Kashruth Division and the world famous OU symbol.

Close, But Not Quite The Same

A clarification of confusing terms such as Lactic acid/Lactose/lactones; valerian/valeric acid, glycerol (glycerin)/glycol/glycine; inositol/inositate; whey/whey cream/cream

Sugar Alcohols

Sugar Alcohols and their implications for Kosher Certification.


A review of the chocolate industry and its implications for Kosher.

Master List Of Bishul Akum Status Of Foods

A summary of the reasons why food may be exempt from the rules of Bishul Akum.

Low-Fat And Imitation Cheese Manufacture

The Halakhic implications and status of low fat and artificial cheeses.

Mezonos Rolls

The official OU policy on Mezonos Rolls