Consumer Kosher Articles

The Key To Ingredient Approval In Today’s World

When Bob, the purchasing agent at kosher-certified Joe’s Fine Baked Goods of Palo Alto, California, is evaluating a potential supplier of margarine, he uses some of the same criteria that anyone involved in a purchase would consider: he wants the product to be of appropriate quality, and it should be appropriately priced. But before he […]

Chocolate Covered In Halacha & Kashrus

Perhaps one of the most exciting food treats for children and adults alike is chocolate. Incredibly popular, it has been consumed for generations as a tasty snack or an important component of a delicious dessert. To the delight of many, medical researchers have begun extolling possible health benefits of moderate chocolate consumption. Known to contain […]

The Case Of The Baffling Bialy

The question had haunted him for years. If there was one sore point in an otherwise legendary career, it was Mac’s inability to find a problem with the OU. GAZING AT HIS REFLECTION in the gritty office window, Milton “Mac” Donald, Kosher Private I, was impressed at the new dimension seven days without shaving gave […]

The Consumer’s Role In Kashrus: Is Your Light On Or Off?

It was a hot summer night when Chaim entered his local ice cream store, Great Taste Ice Cream Parlor, with the intention of purchasing his favorite treat, a medium-sized cup of Rocky Road ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. Chaim had frequented this nationally kosher certified franchise both locally and out-of-town based on a list that […]

The Kashrus Of Pickled Herring

Have you ever noticed that when herring is served at a kiddush or during shalosh seudos, not only does the herring not have fins or scales, it often doesn’t even have its telltale skin? What identifies the herring as kosher fish? The answer is, of course, that originally there was a skin on the herring, […]

Kashrus Supervision At Hotel Affairs

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of functions catered at non kosher hotels. Catering in these facilities creates many more kashrus concerns for the kosher certifying agencies supervising them. Sometimes, as many as three or four vigilant, professional mashgichim are needed to ensure that no requirement of kashrus is being overlooked. Whatever the number may be, there is much more involved than meets the eye. The guest enjoying a luxurious smorgasbord at these affairs really has little idea of the kashrus supervision involved. The following are some of the behind-the-scenes preparations that go into making sure that not only is the presentation of the food impeccable but the kashrus is as well.

Kosher Trucking

A survey of the Kosher implications of the trucking industry.

Checking Vegetables for Insect Infestation

In today’s modern society, food science has become highly complex. For the average consumer, attempting to read and understand ingredient labels has become a daunting task. For many, fresh or frozen vegetables remain a safe haven within the grasp of the consumer’s understanding, and are considered innocuous. Unfortunately, this perception is inaccurate and is predicated […]


When, over a hundred years ago, margarine was first introduced as a cheap alternative to butter, it was so threatening to butter’s prized place on the kitchen table that federal regulations in the United States, influenced by a powerful U.S. dairy industry, prohibited margarine makers from adding colorants to margarine, condemning the new spread to remain pale and whitish.

Franchising The Kosher Way

Franchising accounts for almost 50% of all retail business done in America and kosher consumers too are eager to literally take a bite into this boon. Notwithstanding for reasons soon to be outlined, these same consumers should know to proceed with caution before indulging. Most assuredly, there is indeed a kosher acceptable way to reap the benefits of the franchise business, but kosher consumers need to be aware of the nature of the industry and the consequent halachic considerations that must be met.