Summer 2016

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A Pretty Pretzel

Newly Certified: It’s Not Just a Pretzel but a Pretty Pretzel – And OU Kosher Knows It A Pretty Pretzel’s exquisitely designed confections are edible treasures. A Pretty Pretzel pairs fresh-baked, crispy pretzels with decadent flavorful coatings and uniquely detailed embellishments that embody the expressive potential inherent in its customized, small batch production process. The […]

Conference Award

And the Winner Is…OU Kosher, Kellogg and Treehouse Brands Consumers… When OU Kosher held is annual Spring Conference at a Brooklyn Hotel, it brought together the entire staff of Rabbinic Coordinators and Rabbinic Field Representatives. Among the highlights of the two-day program was the presentation of two very special awards, the “OU Company of the […]


Keep on Truckin’ It is well known, to those who are involved in running a kosher program, that all equipment used in the processing of kosher food must also remain kosher. This means that any kettle, piping, filler, or retort that will be used, must either be dedicated exclusively for kosher, or undergo a thorough […]


Kosher Whey – Yes Whey! Whey protein concentrate supplements and whey-fortified products are among the most popular modern-day consumer health products. Whey-enriched shakes, bars, powders and pills flood the aisles of health food shops and online food marketing. The demand for kosher whey products is immense, yet many whey products are not kosher-certified. Why is […]

Turtle Dove

“The Ring Neck Dove and the White Dove: Birds of a Feather?” The Bible makes numerous references to the turtle dove. Harbinger of tranquility and worthy of being offered on the altar in Jerusalem, the deep symbolism of the dove is unavoidable. There are a few dove breeders in the United States, and as fanciers of […]

Sometimes it’s Not the Food Kashrut, Allergens and Microbes

If not defined by it, our lives are enhanced by it, enriched by it and sometimes troubled by it. Our days are marked less by hours than by meals. From the beginning of creation, food has been a lure and a curse.  Cookbooks and diet books dominate bookstore shelves. Food reviews capture our attention. There […]


Newly Certified Mezcal: The Purest Mexican Spirit Beverage You have probably heard the word Mezcal at least once in your lifetime. If you have not, we will introduce you to this ancestral, handmade traditional Mexican spirit beverage. At the end of this article we are sure you will be looking forward to an encounter with […]


High Above Cayuga’s Waters, Cornell’s New State of the Art Dairy Plant Becomes OU Kosher Though only two percent of the U.S. population is Jewish, more than 40 percent of packaged food and beverages in the U.S. were labeled as kosher in 2014, according to Lubicom Marketing Consulting. And now, the Cornell Dairy Plant, which […]

Wilhelm Reuss

Newly Certified Ingredients for Success:  Wilhelm Reuss Begins OU Production in June Wilhelm Reuss GmbH & Co KG, Lebensmittelwerk, a member of the Krüger group, has officially received kosher certification from the Orthodox Union with the first production taking place in June of 2016.  The kosher certification parallels with Wilhelm Reuss’ mission to produce the […]