Wilhelm Reuss

Newly Certified

Ingredients for Success:  Wilhelm Reuss Begins OU Production in June

Wilhelm Reuss GmbH & Co KG, Lebensmittelwerk, a member of the Krüger group, has officially received kosher certification from the Orthodox Union with the first production taking place in June of 2016.  The kosher certification parallels with Wilhelm Reuss’ mission to produce the highest quality ingredients, finished for a wide range of food manufacturers to utilize and for consumers to enjoy.

The company, which is known today as Wilhelm Reuss GmbH & Co KG, Lebensmittelwerk, was founded in 1903 as G.L. Schoener in Bremen, Germany as a trading company for coffee and tea.  In 1986 Wilhelm Reuss joined the Krüger Group and in 1992 they began the production of hazelnut chocolate spreads, followed by various bread spreads, sauces, flavoring syrups and fillings. Today Wilhelm Reuss produces over 100,000 tons of product annually, exports to over 90 countries worldwide, operates two production facilities in Berlin and Winsen, Germany and employs over 500 people. 

As a company that ensures a certain measure of quality in everyday life, Wilhelm Reuss is committed to compliance with the highest values and guidelines. Their most important principle is the commitment to uncompromising quality from the careful selection and control of raw materials to manufacturing in accordance with the strictest demands on hygiene and quality. Wilhelm Reuss far exceeds some of the legal standards and meets the strictest international quality standards.  Accordingly, Wilhelm Reuss is BRC-, IFS- and ISO 50001-certified. Additionally, they actively utilize organic, fair trade, RSPO, UTZ and Non-GMO ingredients that are responsibly sourced.

As one of the largest developers and manufacturers in the private label sector, Wilhelm Reuss works in close cooperation with numerous international grocery retailers to develop unique concepts and flavors to suit the specific needs of their customer. In doing, these partners benefit from shared knowledge of product and production processes.

As additional aspects of their business, Wilhelm Reuss produces for well-known brands throughout various international markets, most notably in Europe. Product concepts are co-operatively developed and refined with branded partners to optimize existing items and to pioneer new product categories. 

Wilhelm Reuss is also one of the leading manufacturers of semi-finished products for the Bakery, Confectionary, Ice Cream and Food Service Industries. Spreads, glazes, fillings, toppings, syrups and inclusions are manufactured using the most modern and up-to-date machinery. Wilhelm Reuss accompanies its customers throughout the entire development, production and delivery process to ensure perfection and satisfaction. 

Wilhelm Reuss’ newest step toward kosher certification with the Orthodox Union will open the doors to greater ingredient supply and manufacturing opportunities in the United States and other worldwide markets.  Wilhelm Reuss now has the ability to work and comply with U.S. manufacturers that operate kosher-certified facilities and manufacturers that produce kosher-certified goods. They are happy to offer their services and products to an even wider range of consumers. 

Rabbi Chananel Herbsman, OU Kosher rabbinic coordinator who assisted Wilhelm Reuss with their OU certification process noted that, “It was a pleasure to work with Frank Sieveke, QA Director as well as Christin Wernecke in QM. Their thoroughness and attention to detail was evident throughout the process. It reflected on Wilhelm’s high standards in quality, their commitment to understand kosher, OU standards and expectations, as well as their personal commitment to doing things right.”

For more information about Wilhelm Reuss GmbH & Co, the Krüger Group and our products and capabilities please visit our website at http://www.krueger-unternehmen.de/en/group.