A Pretty Pretzel

Newly Certified:

It’s Not Just a Pretzel but a Pretty Pretzel – And OU Kosher Knows It

A Pretty Pretzel’s exquisitely designed confections are edible treasures. A Pretty Pretzel pairs fresh-baked, crispy pretzels with decadent flavorful coatings and uniquely detailed embellishments that embody the expressive potential inherent in its customized, small batch production process.

The Pretzelry has a robust selection of designs to choose from – each uniquely conveying sentiments ranging from the most personal message, to the most professional corporate communique, to the most celebratory commemoration. The intricate designs, patterns and decorative elements are created from an infinite palette of color, ripe with luxurious texture and lustre that speak to the senses in myriad ways. The overall visual is astounding, the surprising confluence of tastes is extraordinary, and the eloquent message is truly savored.

The innovators of A Pretty Pretzel are dedicated to dramatically increasing the delight factor in gift giving. While the spectacular product is eye candy, the taste is similarly captivating. These decadent confections have captured the hearts of local consumers, and, given the buzz surrounding the launch of A Pretty Pretzel’s epicurean delights, expansion is on the horizon.

There is tremendous opportunity for A Pretty Pretzel to capture share of the high-end confection space, and partnership with the OU is integral to this phase. Establishing A Pretty Pretzel in multiple retail channels while simultaneously entering the corporate gifting arena requires proof of product reliability. Collaboration with the OU affords potential partners the assurance they need to add A Pretty Pretzel to their lines. With nationwide plans in place, the OU name-recognition is vital as it inspires confidence from coast to coast.

Seeking the values embedded in the high-end value proposition, consumers will also appreciate the OU stamp of approval when they compare gourmet products online, in department stores, in catalogues, and at specialty retailers.

Given A Pretty Pretzel’s reliance on superb flavors, colors, candied adornments, coatings and bakery items, quality inputs are essential and require sourcing from multiple vendors. In addition, the production process is multi-faceted and can involve more extensive customization on a per-project basis. Each stage of the production process in scrutinized to ensure that quality exceeds expectation in all areas of the very sensory A Pretty Pretzel experience. The OU certification testifies that all Pretty Pretzel suppliers, partners and processes are fully committed to delivering a stunning and delicious pretzel innovation with guaranteed and consistent quality.

For further information visit: www.AprettyPretzel.com  or contact Mr. Ari Ginian 347.585.0909.