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Mezcal: The Purest Mexican Spirit Beverage

You have probably heard the word Mezcal at least once in your lifetime. If you have not, we will introduce you to this ancestral, handmade traditional Mexican spirit beverage. At the end of this article we are sure you will be looking forward to an encounter with the new face of Mexico – Mezcal.

The history of this beverage, takes us back to Mexico´s history before the Spanish conquest, when mezcal was only for the social and political elite. The origin of the production process comes from a very unique plant called maguey (agavaceae) and the word Mezcal comes from the Nahautl word “mexcalli” meaning “cooked maguey”. It grows in several states of Mexico but only a few of these have the Denomination of Origin (DOP) to produce mezcal. Agave, the scientific word for maguey, takes between six to nine years to be ready for harvest and is then distilled to make mezcal.

Casa Nayaá is the largest artisanal mezcal distillery in Mexico. Located in Pilcaya in the state of Guerrero, which is a Denomination of Origin state, you will find 100 acres of land dedicated to the cultivation of agave and a world-class Palenque where Nayaá Mezcal is made.

Inside this Palenque you will find the unique process of a 100% premium quality mezcal, translucent, crystal and double distilled. Casa Nayaá offers four different types of agave. They are beautifully bottled and labeled with different color caps to identify each agave type with its own special flavor and aroma.

Espadin (agave vivipara) is the agave plant most commonly used. It is a 100% traditional young mezcal with citric notes you will find under a silver cap. 

Weber, commonly called agave tequilana or blue agave, which is part of Mexico´s popular culture, has the blue cap. Subtle citric and wood aromas make this mezcal a good choice for a variety of cocktails.

Cupreata (Asparagaceae) is an agave plant representative of the state of Guerrero, locally known as maguey papalote. A spicy but subtle spirit with the perfect balance between acid and sweet, identified with a green cap.

Criollo, a wild agave plant, is Casa Nayaá’s specialty. With a red cap, it has herbal character and is infused with essences of cultivated land and a flavor of fresh leaves. It is a rare find among mezcals. 

  It is of great importance for Casa Nayaá to offer the purest and natural flavors of the agave plant in every Nayaá Mezcal. To transform agave in a liquid and then capture it in a bottle, can only be achieved by its own artisanal distillery process and care for its agaves.

Nayaá Mezcal already holds several certifications and international awards (San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016) confirming its privileged taste and quality.

Casa Nayaá is now also proud to have attained the very important international OU Kosher certification, issued by the Orthodox Union, the world’s most respected kosher certification, as well as a registration with the Regulatory Council Mezcal, NOM -G272R.

In August 2016, Casa Nayaá will open its distillery for anyone wanting to learn more about their mezcals. There you will be able to tour their agave plantations, see their distillery process, visit their Palenque and enjoy a tastings of their mezcals. It will certainly be a one-of-a-kind experience that will introduce you to the world of Mexico’s artisanal spirit beverages and Nayaá Mezcal.


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