Summer 2015 BTUS

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Kosher is for Everyone!

An essay on by Larissa Faw, speaks directly to the exploding interest non-Jews have in kosher food: A few years after I moved to New York City, I attended a luncheon where we were asked to select from a variety of meal options that included vegetarian, kosher, and low-sodium. Now, I grew up in […]

New to the OU: BRIANNAS, With Over 30 Years of Great Taste, Is Now OU Kosher

Founded 33 years ago in Austin, Texas as the Del Sol Food Company, Inc., BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressings grew out of a desire to create a superior product demonstrating family pride and consistent high quality. Named after the owner’s daughter Marianne and grandson Brian, BRIANNAS has grown to become one of the most popular and […]

New to the OU: Looking for New and Exotic Flavors and Textures in Sauces? OU Kosher Don Joaquin Gourmet Is Your New Option

Because of changes in eating habits resulting from the hectic pace of life today, many consumers choose to buy ready to eat food.  Sauces and condiments make up a fast-growing market as they are the ideal complement for any type of food. Surprisingly there are many products that highlight price rather than quality in a […]

New to the OU: Everything’s Coming up Roses for Rosa, Now Certified by OU Kosher

Rosa Food Products, named after Giacomo Foti’s wife, Rosa Foti, was started in 1900. It was first a small shop at the corner of Thirteenth and Federal Streets in South Philadelphia, catering to the local Italians in the area. Food from Italy was imported and sold. As time passed, the demand for Rosa Food Products […]

In Their Words: At Suja Juice, OU Certification is Part of a Multi-Pronged Recipe for Conscious Nutritionv

At Suja Juice, we strive to help people transform their lives through conscious nutrition. We’ve handcrafted three lines of juices and smoothies that are USDA organic, non-GMO, cold-pressured and certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. Suja was founded by four diverse San Diegans from different walks of life who came together to form what is […]

In their Words: Nestlé Waters North America Thanks the OU for 23 Years of Helping Their Brands Grow

Nestlé Waters North America Inc. (NWNA) began in 1976 with a single brand and has rapidly grown to our current status as the third largest non-alcoholic beverage company in the U.S. by volume. As Senior Packaging Manager Chet Hojnicki says, “We owe much of our success to partnerships like the one we enjoy with the […]

Anticipating OU Certification for our Bakery

Q:  Our bakery has only been using kosher certified ingredients for the past five years. We are now interested in attaining kosher certification. Will we still need to undergo a kosherization for all of our lines and equipment? A: This is a very complex question that can really only be fully answered after a complete […]

Understanding the Kosher Market: A Talk with Rabbinic Coordinator Rabbi Dovid Jenkins of OU Kosher Marketing

BTUS: The OU is a kosher certifying agency, and most of what goes on here is the work of ensuring that our certified companies are producing kosher products. How does marketing support our mission? RJ:  The OU is also interested in growth. Because we are a community-minded organization, growth means broadening the kosher market for […]

Spot of Tea, Anyone? Tea and the OU Kosher Ingredient Approval Process

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, and is found in approximately 80 percent of U.S. households. It is commonly served hot or iced, anytime, anywhere, for any occasion. On any given day, over 158 million Americans are drinking tea. In 2014, Americans consumed over 3.6 billion gallons of tea. About 84 […]

Jelly Belly Candy Company Receives 2015 OU Company of the Year Award

Pat Collins, Director of Sales for the Jelly Belly Candy Company, accepted the 2015 OU Company of the Year Award at the annual OU Kashrut Conference, Sunday, April 26, 2015. This prestigious award represents Jelly Belly’s excellence in dedication and commitment to its OU kosher program and the community at large. On hand to present […]

RFR’s: The Indispensable Faces of OU Kosher

Despite today’s meteoric advances in food technology, it still takes the human touch to keep the world of kosher manufacturing booming. It’s the face-to-face, global efforts of OU Kosher’s rabbis in the field that really make it happen. Meet three of them. Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, a 25-year veteran in the 600-strong army of rabbinic field […]

OU Kosher Plays Major Role in ‘Foodie Revolution’

Have you joined the “foodie revolution”? Everywhere you turn, across all platforms, people are either talking about cooking and eating, or watching other people cooking and eating. From the Food Network, to competitive cooking shows, food blogs and foodie groups, culinary magazines and specialized cookbooks, everywhere you turn, people are talking about food. Even travel […]

The Big Cheese: OU Certified Cheese Rated Best in its Class

OUD-certified Double Ale Cheddar, manufactured by The Cheese Guy, was rated the best beer cheese in the Epicure & Culture food journal: The OU hologram prominently appeared in the photo featured in the article. The artisan cheddar is produced by soaking curds of the cheese in two New York craft beers (an IPA and a […]

Sacré Bleu! A British RFR Leads An OU Kosher Tour Through Lower Normandy And Brittany

Much of the time my route takes me through the French regions of Lower Normandy and Brittany. They are across the English Channel from Britain, and figured intensely in D-Day and its aftermath during World War II. Being an Englishman myself, I can smell the roots of current day Britain in the undulating highways and […]