New to the OU: Looking for New and Exotic Flavors and Textures in Sauces? OU Kosher Don Joaquin Gourmet Is Your New Option

Because of changes in eating habits resulting from the hectic pace of life today, many consumers choose to buy ready to eat food.  Sauces and condiments make up a fast-growing market as they are the ideal complement for any type of food. Surprisingly there are many products that highlight price rather than quality in a market that demands healthful and innovative products.

If you’re looking for new and exotic flavors and textures, DON JOAQUIN GOURMET is your best option, as it offers products in which the natural fruit flavor predominates. PROVEAGRO S.A. is a company based in Portoviejo, Ecuador. Its vision is to pioneer the creation of new flavors and textures to delight the most discerning palates of all cultures, thereby leading to the manufacture and marketing of gourmet products made under strict quality controls for distribution in major supermarket chains and specialty shops in Ecuador and beyond.

This family-owned company is committed to the use of natural products to ensure the purity and quality of its sauces. Currently Don Joaquin Gourmet is making innovative products such as hot pepper sauces mixed with exotic fruits like naranjilla, tamarind, pineapple, passion fruit, blackberry and strawberry; banana jams with orange and passion fruit; milk caramel with coconut; dressings such as chimichurri sauce; and tuna dip. For those who love super hot food, Don Joaquin Gourmet produces a of variety hot pepper pastes.

For the production of sauces, jams and dressings, Don Joaquin Gourmet uses fresh and selected fruits and hot peppers – ingredients that are processed and mixed according to the company’s unique recipes, using modern equipment that ensures the final product meets market requirements.

Since the product contains an unusual mix of fruits and hot peppers, one of the recurrent questions we get when attending food shows is, “How do I eat this?”  Don Joaquin Gourmet sauces can be combined with almost any type of food: they can be eaten as dips; used as salad dressings; and mixed with cream cheese and sour cream. They are perfect to accompany seafood and to marinate meats; you can even use them to make cocktails. The possibilities are endless.

Given today’s emphasis on healthful products, Don Joaquin Gourmet does not use artificial flavors or colorings in its sauces and dressings. In addition, they are gluten free, kosher and vegan certified, and the company has started the non-GMO verification process.

According to Wilmington Ramirez, CEO of Proveagro S.A., the company chose the Orthodox Union because it is the largest and most respected kosher certification. This choice provides Proveagro with a great opportunity to expand its market since the OU symbol is well recognized around the world. Proveagro is confident that this certification will allow the company to increase its sales and to position its products in the marketplace.

Don Joaquin Gourmet executives have attended several food shows around the world, and the reviews have been excellent. At the Winter Fancy Food Show 2013 in San Francisco, for example, the blog Latino Foodie placed Don Joaquin Gourmet among the top five Latino and Portuguese products.

These products are being distributed to major supermarket chains and specialty shops in Ecuador; Don Joaquin Gourmet has also been exported to Canada since 2014 and the company is looking forward to getting into U.S. markets in the near future. With highly qualified professionals responding to the needs of the market, Don Joaquin Gourmet aims to be among the best gourmet products available. OU Kosher certification is a major component toward reaching that goal.

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