New to the OU: Everything’s Coming up Roses for Rosa, Now Certified by OU Kosher

Rosa Food Products, named after Giacomo Foti’s wife, Rosa Foti, was started in 1900. It was first a small shop at the corner of Thirteenth and Federal Streets in South Philadelphia, catering to the local Italians in the area. Food from Italy was imported and sold. As time passed, the demand for Rosa Food Products grew — and so did the business.

Now in its fourth generation, Rosa Food Products is a true family business with family pride. The company is still located in South Philadelphia, but has grown into a full service food distributor and manufacturer. In 2004, Rosa Food Products moved from the original warehouse on Thirteenth and Federal to a newly built facility only blocks from the famous “Italian Market” on Ninth and Washington. Rosa Food Products can be found in delis and restaurants across South Philadelphia and the New York Tri-State area, as well as supermarket food chains nationwide.

Having OU certification is important to Rosa Food Products because as a family business, we respect the traditions of families. As a company with OU certification, we want our customers to feel confident and have peace of mind that our products are top-quality and safe, so that they can be enjoyed by all. We are happy to work with Rabbi Daniel Nosenchuk, our OU Kosher rabbinic coordinator, and Rabbi Yitzchok Friedman, our OU Kosher RFR, to ensure that every step is taken properly to conform to OU standards.

The OU certified products we manufacture include olive oils, vegetable oils, blended oils, all varieties of vinegar, cooking wines, tomato bruschetta and many varieties of mustard. Our imported kosher items include Italian tomatoes, pasta, peppers and artichokes.

At Rosa, our vision is to be the number one national supplier of Italian and ethnic food products. As a family company since our beginning in 1900, we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality foods we can import, pack and manufacture. Our brand is one that you can be proud to carry in your stores because our family is committed to you and to the OU standards of food quality.

If you would like more information about our products, please check out our website, at