Fall 2015

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The Heat Is On: The Rise of Sriracha Sauce, and Its Ubiquity In Kosher Products

As BTUS readers are well aware, kosher tastes have evolved significantly from those depicted in yesteryear’s renditions of traditional Jewish fare. As kosher has become mainstream for consumer products not targeted specifically for an ethnic audience, the need for manufacturers to accommodate new tastes into kosher has been something we at OU Kosher are well […]

OU Kosher’s Funny RFR – Who Takes His Job Seriously

Ever since Divine deliveries of manna stopped falling, kosher consumers have had to rely on conscientious kashruth supervisors to make certain their food meets the highest standards of kashruth. That’s why the OU’s dedicated team of rabbinic field representatives (RFRs) travels to food-manufacturing plants across the globe, ensuring that the established kosher programs in each […]

A Chocolate with a Mission, Peterbrooke Becomes OU Certified

Peterbrooke was founded in 1983 in Jacksonville Florida, with a mission to bring the art of European chocolate making back to the United States. Peterbrooke is “Your Neighborhood Chocolatier” and offers a wide selection of European-styled handmade chocolates. The original store is a departure from the traditional look and feel of most chocolate stores. Instead […]

Ornithology: Working to save Endangered Breeds and Species

There are numerous breeds and species that have been consumed for thousands of years, but are now in danger of disappearing. The OU has spent a tremendous amount of resources researching and documenting which avian species were traditionally considered kosher. They have assembled a database on these kosher birds that has been widely used by […]

Keeping the ‘King of the Table’ (Bread) Kosher

Here is a riddle. How can it be that an all-kosher factory uses only kosher ingredients and yet whether the finished product is kosher or not will depend on its appearance? The answer: dairy bread. Kosher law mandates that aside from the obvious restrictions that kosher bread only be made with kosher ingredients and on […]

Just in Time to Make the Consumer Happy, Justin’s Nut Butters Become OU Certified

Founded in 2004 by Justin Gold, Justin’s makes naturally delicious, palate pleasing nut butters, nut butter snacks and organic peanut butter cups. All products are made with high-quality ingredients that deliver great taste, unique texture and convenient nutrition. Justin’s nut butters are finely crafted with a one-of-a-kind grinding process, creating a unique taste and texture […]


Have you ever dreamed about something you knew could never happen? Have you ever wished something in the world would change but never really thought it could become reality? Well, for the many who have dreamed and wished for kosher, bug free vegetables, that have been unavailable for decades, your dreams have come true. Kosher […]

Newly Certified

OU Certification for Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo Means a Better Mayo for Everyone What would it look like if we started over? This is the question we ask at Hampton Creek, a technology company innovating in food. To “start over” in food, Hampton Creek is making food products that are healthier, more sustainable, more affordable, […]

Documenting Intermediate Products and the Group 2 Designation

By Rabbi Akiva Tendler Every OU Kosher certified company maintains a Schedule A through which the OU informs it of which ingredients are approved to be used in kosher products. It also lists other important information such as possible restricted sources, kosher symbol requirements, transportation methods, dairy/pareve status, etc. Schedule A also enables the OU […]

Damascus Bakery Sets a Guinness World Record for OU Kosher Certification

By Bayla Sheva Brenner On the night of October 21st, more than 2000 Jewish women filled Brooklyn’s Grand Prospect Hall for Project Inspire’s Great Big Challah Bake in a quest to make the world’s largest challah. “Our goal was to create an event to unify Jewish women around the concept of challah,” said Rabbi Yaakov […]

Ask the Rabbi — The Cream of the Crop

By Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer Q: One final question for now, please: I am aware that half and half, even when manufactured by fluid dairies, which never handle whey cream, needs kosher supervision. Why? The cream used in half and half is pure sweet cream that is separated directly from milk at the fluid dairies, and […]