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OU Certification for Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo Means a Better Mayo for Everyone

What would it look like if we started over?

This is the question we ask at Hampton Creek, a technology company innovating in food. To “start over” in food, Hampton Creek is making food products that are healthier, more sustainable, more affordable, and insanely delicious. There are major problems with the food system and it is tricky to choose trustworthy products to bring home. Therefore, Hampton Creek is committed to making better food accessible to everyone. OU Kosher certification is essential to this mission.

All four flavors of Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo are OU Kosher certified: Original, Garlic, Chipotle, and Sriracha. Just Mayo is a delicious mayo that rivals even homemade versions with its creamy texture and bright, rich flavor. Use Just Mayo to elevate any recipe to the next level – from sandwiches to potato salad, even to chocolate cake.
Just Mayo’s OU Kosher certification is a major piece of this little condiment’s big ambitions. Just Mayo is also egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and Non-GMO Project verified. Using Just Mayo in all your favorite recipes means saving a huge amount of water, as well as putting less sodium and cholesterol in your body. This is accomplished by using a varietal of the Canadian Yellow Pea instead of chicken eggs, which require more resources to produce. Overall, Just Mayo is just better!

Josh Tetrick founded Hampton Creek in December 2011. Years of work in Sub-Saharan Africa inspired Josh to help fix a major societal issue in a big way. Josh chose to tackle the food system and to improve the food we eat. Hampton Creek has since been named the fastest-growing food company on earth by Inc. Magazine, and garnered $120 million in investment from a list of investors that includes 12 billionaires. Hampton Creek was named in Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of 100 Brilliant Companies, CNBC’s Disruptor 50 List, and World Economic Forum’s 49 most promising Technology Pioneers for 2015.

At Hampton Creek, we believe that people should not have to make compromises when it comes to the food they eat. People should feel good about their food in every way – from the taste, to the ingredient list, to the price tag. This is why OU Kosher certification is so powerful for Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo. Every family deserves access to delicious, affordable products that fit with their values.

Based on conversations with our customers, we recognize the immense value and deep significance of the OU Kosher certification. It can be a challenge to source the right ingredients, but it is worth every effort to fulfill our mission. OU Kosher certification is an indispensable part of the movement Hampton Creek is creating in food, and we are deeply grateful for our relationship with the Orthodox Union.

Hampton Creek will continue to innovate so that everyone can eat in a way that is nourishing, sustainable, and aligned with their values.
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