Have you ever dreamed about something you knew could never happen? Have you ever wished something in the world would change but never really thought it could become reality? Well, for the many who have dreamed and wished for kosher, bug free vegetables, that have been unavailable for decades, your dreams have come true.

Kosher Gardens of Allentown, PA, has introduced fresh broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, arugula, spring mix, and other herbs that are now available to the kosher consumer in both retail and food-service pack sizes. Many more exciting products will be coming in the near future. (Think fresh strawberries, blueberries etc,)

Kosher Gardens has been producing high quality kosher vegetables for different companies for many years. They have a team of experts who ensure that their products are of the highest quality and conform to all FDA, HAACP, and GMP guidelines. In fact, since all of their products grow in greenhouses, the risk of bacteria and other safety concerns are minimized tremendously. Many of the recent safety issues found with fresh vegetables have been due to outside bacteria finding their way into the vegetables during the growing process. Furthermore, while Kosher Gardens is not certified organic, they are using significantly less pesticides than their traditionally grown counterparts. Now they have all that experience and knowledge to the plate to bring these exciting new products to the kosher consumer to enjoy.

How do they do it? What has changed? The answer lies in the relationship and coordination between the company and the hechsherim, that is, the OU kosher certification. Kosher Gardens built its own specialty greenhouses, introduced unique growing programs, and invested tremendous amounts of time and energy checking and ensuring that their vegetables reach a 100 percent bug free status. Kosher Gardens owns its own growing ranches and is able to control the product from seed to bag all within its own operations. No outside product is used, and all products are checked constantly during the growing process.

While not all vegetables are a good fit, and not all times are conducive for growing certain products, the OU has developed clear guidelines and by closely adhering to these parameters Kosher Gardens has been able to finally bring these delicacies to the consumer, in keeping with the highest level of both quality and kashrut — and all at super great pricing.

Kosher Gardens products are in clear plastic containers so you always know exactly what you are getting. Look for their products in your local grocery or supermarket and begin enjoying the new age of kosher vegetables.