Learning From The Masters: Two OU Late Summer Programs Train The Next Generation

August 15, 2006

Following in the footsteps of some 500 of their predecessors, young men from all over the world have gathered together for three weeks at Orthodox Union headquarters in New York,…

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THE MAKING OF A MASHGIACH: HOW The Orthodox Union Trains The Next Generation Of Kosher Certifiers

August 10, 2006

This week and for the next two weeks, 65 rabbis and rabbinical students are participating in the eighth ASKOU program, held every other summer, in which senior rabbis from the Orthodox Union’s Kosher (Kashrut) Division provide intensive instruction in the intricacies of certifying that food is kosher. A kosher certifier – called a mashgiach – must not only be well versed in the complexities of Jewish law, but must also be familiar with rapidly changing food technology, manufacturing processes, chemistry, new products, ingredients, and other aspects of kosher certification.

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Absolutely Marvelous News In The World Of Vodka!

August 1, 2006

Absoult OU. Absoult is Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union

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Have a Hot Kosher Question? Call the OU Kosher Hotline and We’ll Set You Straight

July 18, 2006

Since OU Kosher is seen as “The Lexus of Kosher,” consumers turn to the OU for much of their kashrut information.

The complexities of Jewish Kosher law are such that questions about what is and what is not kosher or other aspects of the halacha arise at all times, not only from those who currently keep kosher, but also from those who are considering doing so. Even rabbis, with their deep grounding in Jewish texts, need advice at times from the experts on the finer points of kashrut.

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Professor Temple Grandin, Foremost Expert on Humane Slaughter, visits Agriprecessors Plant

June 30, 2006

OU announces that Professor Temple Grandin, foremost expert on humane slaughter, visits Agriprecessors plant and expresses satisfaction with practices now in effect there.

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Caption: OU Honors G. Jacobs of Forest Hills with Kashrut Chair

June 27, 2006

At a warm, heartfelt and elegant event, one of the Orthodox Union’s most enthusiastic and long-standing leaders, Gustave Jacobs of Forest Hills, NY, and his wife Henriette, were honored at the naming and dedication of the Henriette and Gustave Jacobs Chair in Kashrut Education in the OU Kosher Division. The cocktail reception and buffet dinner, attended by a large gathering of Jewish communal leaders, was held recently at OU headquarters in New York.

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OU Introduces Website for Those In The Kosher Field

June 21, 2006

The Kosher Division of the Orthodox Union, which already maintains the website with its multiplicity of features for general audiences as well as for companies, has created a website specifically for professionals, to provide insights into the increasingly complex and changing field of kosher certification.

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OU Kosher Is ‘Coming To A Yeshiva Near You’ to shed light on the ever more complex world of kosher c

May 18, 2006

Orthodox Union rabbis are “Coming to a Yeshiva Near You!” to shed light on the ever more complex world of kosher certification in light of new foods, ingredients, and machinery which are continually coming into existence.

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OU Kashrut- Current Issues in Kosher Certification

May 12, 2006

Liquor, insects, boiling temperatures and international affairs — what do all these have in common? These topics, among many others, were examined at the Orthodox Union’s annual Kashrut Conference, held April 30-May 1 at the Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel in New Jersey.

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OU Kosher to Present Harry H. Beren ASKOU8 Program: 2 Summer Seminars In Kosher Education

May 8, 2006

As the largest and most respected kosher certifying agency in the world, the Orthodox Union naturally is deeply interested in training the kashrut professionals of the future, who will work for both the OU and other organizations, including their local Vaad HaKashrut. As a result, OU Kosher this summer will once again offer two advanced seminars in kosher education, comprising the Harry H. Beren program.

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