OU Kosher Marks Another Successful Passover Season Educating Thousands

Reflecting on Its Busiest Period, World’s Largest Kosher Certification Agency is Inspired by Consumers’ Eagerness to Learn As the Rabbinic Coordinators responsible for managing OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher’s consumer hotline and Webbe Rebbe online forum — an email address where consumers may send in kashrus sheylos that are answered in writing — Rabbi Zvi Nussbaum […]

Overview of New OU Kosher Certified Product Launches in 2024 

Overview of New OU Kosher Certified Product Launches in 2024  The first half of 2024 has seen a variety of new products from companies that proudly carry the OU Kosher certification. These new offerings cater to the dietary needs of the kosher community and bring unique flavors and health-conscious options to the market. Here’s a […]

Walmart’s Bettergoods: Highlighting OU Kosher Certification

Walmart’s new store brand, Bettergoods, is its most extensive private-label food launch in decades. Featuring a diverse range of products, including seasonings, plant-based cheeses, and Italian bronze-cut pasta, Bettergoods currently includes about 80 OU kosher-certified products, with plans for this number to grow. The prevalence of OU kosher-certified products among the store brands of major […]

OU Kosher’s STa”M Initiative to Oversee the Kashrus and Authenticity of Mezuzos for the Benefit of the North American Public

In a Market Lacking Transparency, OU Kosher Partners with Israel-Based Non-profit to Improve Mezuzos Industry’s Kashrus It’s a situation which, Orthodox Union rabbanim say, unfortunately occurs far too often: a person invests in a number of beautiful new mezuzos at a Judaica store or from a sofer, sparing no expense to fulfill the mitzvah — […]

OU Kosher’s Newly Expanded Community Programs Educate Kosher Consumers Nationwide

ASK OU’s Kashrus Across America Program Is Tailored to Meet Communities’ Needs and Interests From food and restaurants to hotels and simcha venues, North American kosher consumers have an array of products and establishments at their disposal. While it’s exciting to see the OU symbol on products such as Oreos, Entenmann’s, Green Mountain Coffee and […]

OU Kosher Adds Two New Options to Consumer Product Search Website

 Dairy Equipment and Yoshon Categories Offered in Response to Community Requests Of the hundreds of weekly queries OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher fields from consumers via its Kosher Hotline and Webbe Rebbe forum, the most popular centers on Oreo cookies. “The most frequently asked shaila in America is whether Oreos are dairy, pareve, or simply made with […]

Sustainable and Smart Packaging Solutions

In a green and smart economy, food and beverage companies are looking for sustainable and technology-based solutions for packaging. Nestle and Mars, two OU kosher-certified companies, are heavily invested in sustainability, especially in using recycled plastic and biodegradables in the packaging process. This is reducing a carbon footprint. Smart packaging has entered the market as well. […]

OU Kosher’s Snack Day: A Symphony of Flavors and Community

There’s a day each month that stands out within the walls of OU Kosher’s headquarters: Snack Day. An initiative that encapsulates the essence of celebration and recognition, Snack Day is more than just a tasting event; it’s a testament to OU Kosher’s commitment to its certified brands and the wider community. On Snack Day afternoons […]

Anchoring Dietary Needs: U.S. Navy Partners with OU for Streamlined Kosher Meal Access

The Orthodox Union’s (OU) commitment to ensuring kosher food is available to servicemen is not a new endeavor but is deeply rooted in its history. The collaboration with the U.S. Navy and the Aleph Institute to address the complexities of supplying kosher meals on Navy vessels is but the latest chapter in this enduring legacy.  […]

Orthodox Union Holds Immersive Kashrus Experience for Women

Program Offers 40 Participants a Deep Dive into Kashrus at OU’s Headquarters and at Field Visit Sites A few weeks ago, Rivki Lemmer of Brooklyn, N.Y. didn’t know that lab-grown meat existed. Now, after attending a week-long course run through the Orthodox Union (OU), she feels well-versed in the controversies and intricacies around its kashrus […]