OU Kosher’s Snack Day: A Symphony of Flavors and Community

There’s a day each month that stands out within the walls of OU Kosher’s headquarters: Snack Day. An initiative that encapsulates the essence of celebration and recognition, Snack Day is more than just a tasting event; it’s a testament to OU Kosher’s commitment to its certified brands and the wider community.

OU Kosher Snack Day - Sunny Honey Miami flavored honey

Sunny Honey Miami flavored honeys Snack Day in celebration of Rosh Hashanah

On Snack Day afternoons employees are greeted with an array of products that range from the sweet and savory to the indulgent and refreshing. From the authentic taste of Sunny Honey and the delightful confections of Melville and Oppenheimer candies, to the creamy textures of Tuscanini gelato, the crunchiness of Sunrise popcorn,  the baked goodness from Reissmans bakery and Grain Brain Cookies there’s something for everyone.

Harnessing the power of social media platforms, our dedicated social media team captures the essence of Snack Day and shares it with the world. Instagram stories provide glimpses of products, Twitter threads discuss flavors, TikTok videos capture moments of joy, and Facebook posts reach thousands of eager kosher consumers. The digital footprint of Snack Day not only celebrates the brands but also immerses a global audience in a shared kosher experience.

The day is also a reflection of the symbiotic relationship between the community and brands. The community gets to discover and enjoy quality kosher products, and in return, brands gain a platform for recognition and promotion.

What sets OU Kosher apart in this endeavor is its unique position as a major non-profit certification agency. Beyond certification, OU Kosher is intertwined with the very fabric of the community. From its multi-national youth program that shapes the leaders of tomorrow to its dedication towards people with disabilities, the organization is deeply rooted in service. Add to that an array of summer programs, resources for college students, and a reservoir of digital educational content, and it’s clear that OU Kosher is more than just a certification entity; it’s a community pillar.

For brands seeking more than just a Snack Day feature, OU Kosher offers additional avenues of promotion. A featured story in our consumer newsletter can reach an audience of 60,000, ensuring that the tale of a brand’s journey and its offerings resonates far and wide. Moreover, for those aiming at a wider, dedicated readership, the Jewish Action magazine offers ad spaces, reaching over 110,000 readers who value kosher living.

In a world where brand recognition can shape destinies, OU Kosher’s Snack Day and its extended promotional avenues offer an unmatched platform. It’s not just about tasting; it’s about experiencing, sharing, and growing together. For companies looking to be a part of this unique initiative, a simple conversation with their RC can set the ball rolling.

In conclusion, OU Kosher’s Snack Day is more than an event; it’s an ecosystem where brands, community, and a shared love for kosher come together. A celebration, a platform, and a commitment – that’s the OU Kosher promise.

Gary Magder