A Kosher Charcuterie Board

Currently, we find ourselves in the thralls of a pandemic. This being the case, time is of the essence. Compartmentalizing chores and responsibilities has become essential. Preparing meals all the time can be arduous. An option is to take advantage of a kosher charcuterie board where in a small amount of time you can tastefully design and mix together ready-made kosher food on any kind of board. If you want to accentuate a meat, dairy or fish kosher charcuterie board, OU has kosher companies that can accommodate that.

You can prepare something quickly with a kosher charcuterie board for guests if they are coming over. For kids, easily prepare a quick board with foods they like. Fill it with fruits, snacks and other ingredients that will bring joy and satisfaction to them.

How you design the charcuterie board is just as important as what you choose to serve on it. Color contrasting is desirable. Doing this whets the appetite of the partaker.

The OU certifies some exceptional cheeses that can set the stage for a kosher dairy charcuterie board. In the meat arena, an OU Kosher certified company in Canada is launching a new range of deli products. Cold cuts and salami are the perfect base for a kosher meat charcuterie board. A base ingredient for a kosher fish charcuterie board is salmon. Major retailers carry OU Kosher certified salmon. A kosher vegan charcuterie board can be created as well.

Base Ingredients For Different Kosher Charcuterie Boards

French Cheese for a charcutier board.

Brie Isigny French Cheese from A. Seyman.

Recently, the OU started certifying cheeses made by A. Seyman Trade Ltd. They hail from France and Spain. Included are world-class cholov Yisroel brie, camembert Kashkaval, Iberico and Cabra cheeses. They are cholov Yisroel and mostly kosher for Passover.

Old World Marketplace, an OU Kosher certified company, recently introduced a wide array of flavorsome cheeses under their Cheese Guy brand. Choices include, Raw Milk Cranberry Cheddar, Ghost Pepper Jack, Raw Milk Yogurt Cheese, Havarti w/ Dill, Smoked Provolone, Manchego, Queso de Cabra, Torio and Sliced Cheeses – Cheddar, Gouda, Pepper Jack, Havarti, Provolone.

Whichever cheese you choose, you can lay it whole on the board or slice it. Next to it you can put fruit, nuts and crackers. With this fanciful base ingredient and food spread, you’ve created a meal.

salami for a charcutier board.

Salami as a base Ingredient.

Ben’s Best, an OU Kosher certified company, only uses high-quality meats. Kosher Mehadrin, an OU Kosher certified company based in Montreal, is launching a new range of deli products that will be marketed in the United States. Using deli or a hard salami as the featured ingredient is popular. You can add to the board olives, salads, crackers and dips.

Salmon as base ingredient.

Salmon as a base ingredient.

OU Kosher certified salmon is sold at major retailers. Current retailers include BJ’s and Whole Foods. It will soon be available at Kroger’s. It’s nice to have sliced bread on a fish-based board with dips. Because fish really goes with anything, you can be creative in this category.

Vegan food on a kosher charcutier board.

Vegan colors.

The beauty of the vegan board is the colors. Put together a nourishing board with all types of plants and fruits of the earth. Any type of salad or fruit can be an option. Try mixing in some vegan friendly snacks as well.

There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to kosher charcuterie boards. It’s a time-saving food option that can feed the family and guests. There are exceptional OU Kosher certified items to serve as the base of the kosher charcuterie board. These kosher certified items include world-class cheeses, soon to be introduced deli products and salmon found at major retailers. Spontaneity and elegance are no longer a contradiction with the kosher charcuterie board.

Steven Genack
Steven Genack has worked at OU Kosher for more than ten years with a specialty in ingredients. He is an attorney and former editor of a newspaper. He has a wide array of interests including playing tennis, golf and basketball and reading biographies and memoirs.