Kosher Vegan Products

Get Vegan Certification With OU Partner BeVeg

Kosher vegan products are becoming more available as manufacturers realize the size of the kosher market and its importance. While vegan foods are mostly made up of grains, nuts, seeds and produce, vegan products do require kosher certification to ensure they  contain only kosher ingredients and that they are prepared according to Kosher law requirements.

Veganism has become an increasingly popular way of life. More and more Vegan food products are becoming available as Americans opt to go Vegan for health, ethical and environmental reasons. Vegan foods are free of all animal products or byproducts, including meat, dairy, fish, eggs, and honey.

BeVeg, the only ISO accredited vegan certification agency, has partnered with OU Kosher whose global network of field representatives will perform audits on sites and products already under Kosher supervision.  If you’re an OU Kosher company and would like more information or would like to apply for Vegan certification, please contact

Or you can visit BeVeg, OU Kosher's partner vegan certification agency and apply for vegan certification there.


Listed below are kosher vegan products certified by the OU Kosher confirming that ingredients and processing are according to Jewish law requirements. Vegan products are generally pareve so will usually carry the regular  OU kosher symbolKosher for Passover vegan products are only those products where the OUP symbol is displayed on the packaging.

Please note: A product's Kosher Status may change at any time and will be updated. Make sure to sign up to OU Kosher Alerts for updates and alerts on kosher certification.

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