Two signs are required for fish to be kosher, fins and scales. Kaskeses the Torah’s term for scales must be easily removed by hand or with a knife without tearing skin to be kosher. Scales that are embedded in a fish, or are not visible to the naked eye, are not kaskeses. In order for the fish to be certified kosher, one must ascertain that the scales can be properly removed. Fish products require kosher certification as preparation methods, equipment and contact with other fish may render it not kosher.

Kosher Fish List

Listed below are kosher fish products certified by OU Kosher confirming that the anatomy and preparation of the fish are according to Jewish law requirements. Any fish product that is certified kosher will bear the OU-F symbol. Kosher for Passover fish products are only those products where the OU-F-P symbol is displayed on the packaging. Please note: Information of a products Kosher Status may change at any time and will get updated – please check date below is current. Make sure to sign up to OU Kosher Alerts for updates and alerts on kosher certification.
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