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Tracking Down the Unauthorized OU

January 20, 2005

As the largest Kosher certifying agency in the world, the Orthodox Union is deeply concerned about protecting the integrity of its kosher symbol. Thus, when a product bearing an unauthorized OU appears, as occasionally happens, the Orthodox Union responds quickly and efficiently.

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OU Symbol: More Than Just Food to Eat

January 14, 2005

An editorial from Behind the Union Symbol, explaining the significance behind Kosher supervision and eating kosher food.

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“Korn” Syrup and the Real Thing

January 13, 2005

The inside story of sugar and other sweeteners from the Kosher perspective.

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The OU Meets the Challenge of Certifying the Beverage Industry

January 10, 2005

A discussion of the challenges and opportunities of Kosher Certification within the beverage industry.

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Making Fruit Jelly Kosher: It’s Easier than Ever

January 4, 2005

A discussion of the manufacture of Grape Jelly and how one company has been able to use recent changes to expand their manufacture of Kosher Grape Jelly.

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Carnauba: The Wax Which Does not Wane

January 2, 2005

The manufacture of Carnauba Wax and its role in different industries.

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Shabbos Shaylos: Asking a Non-Jew to Relight a Hotel Kitchen’s Fire

January 1, 2005

Can one ask a non-Jew to relight a hotel kitchen’s fire which has been extinguished?

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Just Another Eggsample

December 31, 2004

Possible Kosher Concerns with Raw Eggs

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What Could Be Wrong With…Gum Arabic

December 26, 2004

Potential Kosher issues with Gum Arabic

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Food Ingredients Labels: A Primer on Regulations

December 25, 2004

Should salmon raised on feed that artificially keeps its flesh pink be labeled as containing “color additives”? That question is the subject of a class action lawsuit in Seattle against major supermarkets there. It is one of a number of lawsuits brewing across the country that center on food labeling, and it brings into focus…

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