Kosher-Sensitive Ingredients In The Dairy Industry

A list of thirteen Kosher sensitive ingredients which are particularly relevant to the dairy industry.

Rabbi Kenneth Auman Appointed Chairman of OU/RCA Joint Kashrus Commission

Rabbinical Council of America announces new appointments to the OU/RCA Kashrus partnership as they enter a new era of enhanced Kosher consumer services

OU Kosher Dairy Seminar for Industry Professionals

OU Dairy Industry Seminar Provided a Thorough Undertanding of the Intricacies and Benefits of Kosher Production of Dairy Products:

With the presence of representatives from companies located from New Hampshire to California and many states in between, the Orthodox Union held Dairy Seminar 2006 last week, which was directed at plant managers, directors of quality assurance, production and marketing, and anyone with responsibility for a dairy company’s kosher program.

As Part of “Kosher Month” OU to Present “Coming to a Yeshiva Near You” Education Program

As Part of ‘Kosher Month’ OU to present Coming To A Yeshiva Near You Education Program at Bensalem Outreach Center, November 14; topic to focus on ‘Mysteries’ Of Food Packaged Ingredient Panels.

Duncan Hines to Offer OU Certified Pareve Cakes Again

There is good news for kosher consumers who want their Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake Mixes, certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, to have pareve and non-dairy status. The company has reversed a decision made in 2005 to switch the product to dairy, therefore rendering it unusable for cakes that are served with meat meals at the Sabbath table. The product line includes Moist Deluxe Classic Yellow, the best selling cake mix in the country, and other consumer favorites such as Devil’s Food, Lemon Supreme and Butter Recipe Golden.

A Milestone is Achieved: Harry H. Beren ASKOU Kosher Training Program Graduates its 500th Student

This year’s programs drew the largest number ever of participants, with 24 in a three-week internship session and 75 in a one-week training program. The students who intend to go into kosher supervision full-time and have already developed an extensive background in kosher law usually attend the three-week session. They are currently pursuing rabbinic ordination or are involved in a post-ordination kollel — an institute of advanced Jewish studies. The one-week students include as well synagogue rabbis or members of a community Vaad HaKashrut who conduct kosher supervision on a local level.

Rabbi Kalinsky, OU West Coast Director, Fine-Tunes his Kashrut Skills at ASK OU 8 Seminar

Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, Director of the Orthodox Union on the West Coast, who is also one of the OU’s kosher certification experts, wanted to fine-tune his skills and so he flew to New York last week to attend the OU’s ASK OU 8 seminar on kosher certification. The ASKOU program, held every other summer, provides […]

OU Invites Dairy Industry Professionals to First-of-its-Kind Seminar

OU invites dairy industry professionals to seminar to help them resolve possible conflicts between production needs and Kosher concerns. Click here to register online now

Learning from the Masters: Two OU Late Summer Programs Train the Next Generation

Following in the footsteps of some 500 of their predecessors, young men from all over the world have gathered together for three weeks at Orthodox Union headquarters in New York, concluding August 25. They are here on a mission — they want to be the world’s best in kosher supervision. Given the OU’s goal to […]

The Making of a Mashgiach: How the Orthodox Union Trains the Next Generation of Kosher Certifiers

This week and for the next two weeks, 65 rabbis and rabbinical students are participating in the eighth ASKOU program, held every other summer, in which senior rabbis from the Orthodox Union’s Kosher (Kashrut) Division provide intensive instruction in the intricacies of certifying that food is kosher. A kosher certifier – called a mashgiach – must not only be well versed in the complexities of Jewish law, but must also be familiar with rapidly changing food technology, manufacturing processes, chemistry, new products, ingredients, and other aspects of kosher certification.