OU as Global Force in Kosher Education

From Israel to China; Mexico to Spain; the Philippines and Indonesia to Brazil; Singapore to France; Australia/New Zealand to Germany; the United Kingdom to Colombia, and of course throughout the United States and Canada, an audience of thousands is tuning into the presentations of Kosher Tidbits, a fast-growing program that brings the intricacies of kosher law, taught by Orthodox Union experts, to discerning audiences on OU Radio, In just a few months, more than 6,000 of these presentations have been downloaded onto listeners’ personal computers, ipods and other electronic devices.

OU Names Barry Mase Media Sales Director to Develop Kosher Partnerships

“And now for a word from our sponsor.”

That famous line, part of radio and television jargon for decades, is expected to be heard in the near future at the Orthodox Union, thanks to the recent appointment of Barry Mase as Media Sales Director. Mr. Mase explained that he has been charged with “developing branding relationships with companies and non-profit organizations that lead them to partner with the OU in sponsorship and advertising relationships across the broad spectrum of OU media outlets – including the vast OU online network of websites as well as the highly acclaimed Jewish Action magazine.” These sponsors, he said, would be searching for a “niche market of those interested in kosher, where sales are growing by leaps and bounds every year.”

Getting the Knack of Nikkur: OU Kashrut Seminar on Removing Veins and Forbidden Fat Big Success

The entire program can be viewed by clicking here.

OU KOSHER Expresses Gratitude To Beren Foundation Of Lakewood, NJ

The Orthodox Union Kosher Division today expressed its gratitude to the Harry H. Beren Foundation of Lakewood, NJ, for renewing and increasing its grant in support of OU Kosher’s kashrut education programs.

OU KOSHER Seminar for Industry Professionals, March 6

OU Kosher, the largest and most recognized kosher certification organization in the world, will present a one-day seminar for the candy, snack, nut and confectionery industries at the Orthodox Union headquarters in New York, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6.

OU KOSHER Colleagues Share Their Knowledge

Who better to inform the experts at OU Kosher about the latest developments in the constantly evolving world of food production than other experts at OU Kosher? The OU Kashrut Division has instituted a series of monthly in-house presentations in which colleagues bring senior staff and rabbis in the field up to date on specialties other than their own.

OU Announces Three New Kosher Tidbits Programs On OU Radio

The Kosher Tidbits radio program of the Orthodox Union’s Kashruth Division has added three new presentations to the 40 already recorded exploring the technicalities of kosher law. The segments on wine, eggs, and bakers and cooks are intended to explain the finer points of kashruth to students of all ages; rabbis and scholars; and the wider kosher-keeping audience.

OU KOSHER Announces Debut of OU Direct

The message from the Orthodox Union Kosher Division is as clear as can be: “Managing Your Account Has Never Been Simpler.” The source of this management wizardry is, the new six-part website designed to provide a vast amount of information to companies certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. After a period of testing, OU Direct went online this week.

OU Kosher’s Rabbi Menachem Genack Named to the Forward 50

Rabbi Menachem Genack, Chief Executive Officer of OU Kosher, was named to the Forward 50, one of the highest honors in the Jewish world today.

Fine Foods from Israel & Israel Export Institute

Mediterranean cuisine is more and more popular among American consumers. With this in mind more than 30 Shoprite stores, in conjunction with the Israel Export Institute, are launching a “Fine Foods from Israel” promotion in December to tie in with the Chanukah and Christmas holidays.