Consumer Kosher Articles

Just Another Eggsample

Possible Kosher Concerns with Raw Eggs

What Could Be Wrong With…Gum Arabic

Potential Kosher issues with Gum Arabic

Food Ingredients Label: A Primer on Regulations

Should salmon raised on feed that artificially keeps its flesh pink be labeled as containing “color additives”? That question is the subject of a class action lawsuit in Seattle against major supermarkets there. It is one of a number of lawsuits brewing across the country that center on food labeling, and it brings into focus […]


An exploration of the vanilla industry and its implications for Kosher.

OU Fact Sheet On NYC Water: August 13, 2004

The Creature: Crustaceans of the type called copepods (Copepoda) are appearing in NYC tap water. Several species are present. The primary species is Diacyclops thomasi, a very common type of copepod. It begins life measuring about 90 microns (.09 mm) and grows up to about 0.8 mm (males) and 1.4 mm (females) in about five […]

Thinking Kosher: An Introduction

An introduction to the meaning of the world of Kosher

Shechita In America, Past And Present: A Brief Overview

A history of Shechita in American and its Halachic Implications

What Could Be Wrong With…L-Cysteine?

When is the last time you have seen a harvest? Some of us can think back to last fall’s grape crunch; others can still picture a combine’s quick clearing of a wheat field for Shmurah flour. Most of us, however, could not rapidly identify the last harvest we witnessed. It would surprise many of us […]

Kedem Mevushal / Not Mevushal Update

The Daf HaKashrus discussed at length the designations of Mevushal and Not Mevushal Kedem wines in its Volume c – No. 3 issue. The following is the current status of these wines: The Grape Juice bottles that state on their labels Mevushal are accepted by all as Mevushal. The Grape Juice bottles that state on […]

Food for Thought: Fat For Thought

What are the implications of fat substitutes in food?