Consumer Kosher Articles

Low-Fat And Imitation Cheese Manufacture

The Halakhic implications and status of low fat and artificial cheeses.

Mezonos Rolls

The official OU policy on Mezonos Rolls

Relying On A Non-Jew To Determine if Non-Kosher Food Is Charif

Can one rely upon a non-Jew to determine if a non-Kosher food product is cherif (sharp)?

Shabbos Shaylos: Placing Salt Into Hot Cholent Or Soup On Shabbos

May one place salt into hot food on Shabbos?

Shabbos Shaylos: Arranging Fruit On A Skewer On Shabbos

Can one arrange fruit on a skewer on Shabbos?

Shabbos Shaylos: Moving Cholent From The Top Of A Pot Onto The Blech

Can on move cholent from the top of a pot onto the blech on Shabbos?

Shabbos Shaylos: The Shabbos Light

Can one use a “Shabbos light” on Shabbos?

Shabbos Shaylos: Washing Dishes, Dishwashers, Slicers, & Mixers

What are the rules for asking non-Jews to do work on Shabbos at hotels and catering establishments?

Shabbos Shaylos: Food Preparation

Some of the rules about food preparation on Shabbos for food establishments and caterers.

Shabbos Shaylos: Shabbos Miscellany – Amira L’Akum

What are the laws of Amira l’akum in a hotel?