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Thou Shalt Not Commit Adulteration: Guarding Against The Dilution of Juice

The mission statement for the Technical Committee for the Juice Products Association, the major trade association of the juice industry, states that it is “dedicated to a level playing field for products containing juice” which means, as the statement goes on to say, that they “develop and validate methods for authenticating juice and juice products.”
The committee exists in response to the age-old problem of juice adulteration, which usually involves diluting “pure” fruit juice with other ingredients. Those ingredients may be water or sugar or sweeteners, as well as juices that are cheaper than the one being sold.

From The Plate of Caesar: The Kosher Status Of The Flamingo

The flamingo is one of the most remarkable of the aquatic birds. There are five recognized species of flamingo, ranging in size from three to five feet tall. They are heavy for aquatic birds, some tipping the scales at nine pounds. While they are able to fly, they must be able to run a bit to gain the momentum to take to the air. Flamingos congregate in huge flocks, often comprised of thousands of individual birds, preferring to live in the shallow mudflats where algae and shrimp abound.

Encyclopedia of Jewish Food: Matzah, Rugelach And A Whole Lot More

Communities can be defined by their food. American food — reflecting a penchant for accessibility, convenience, versatility, and portability -— reveals much about who we are and how we got here. Waves of various immigrants brought new dishes and ways of thinking about food to the repertoire.

Pareve: Neutral In Content, But Not On The Bottom Line

Pareve means that the food is “neutral,” neither dairy nor meat, which makes it that much more desirable. Kosher law allows for pareve foods to be consumed with all foods, whether meat, dairy or fish. Pareve salad dressing, frozen sorbet, chocolate mints, jams, grains, juices, soft drinks, or confectionary delicacies can be enjoyed with both a sumptuous steak dinner as well as with a refreshing dairy lunch. Essentially, pareve is the universal kosher category.

Italian Volcano® Juices: From The Mount Etna Volcano To The Supermarket Shelf

The mystery of Mother Nature has proven to be fruitful in more than one way for Dream Foods International. In Sicily, the eruptions of the Mount Etna Volcano in 2003 pushed Dream Foods International from being a one-woman operation selling blood oranges to a company selling award-winning organic juices throughout North America, with accolades from the press.

Panic-Free Passover!

Each year, Passover strikes an acute sense of panic in the hearts of most homemakers long before the spring holiday actually arrives. Several weeks in advance, the search starts – looking through cookbooks and recipe clippings, calling friends and family members asking about long-lost recipes, or searching the world-wide web for Passover recipes – something old, something new, something borrowed, something tried and true.

Snacking Kosher: It’s Harder Than You Thought

Potato chips, corn chips, puffed snacks and tortilla chips – they all seem so simple – but they aren’t. Today’s snack food industry aims to please a wide variety of tastes. Add in allergen concerns and the never ending desire to “have your snacks but cut the fat” and the permutations on a theme grow astronomically. The OU certifies many of the items in the snack food isle and is proud to work with most of the major players in this industry. Familiar OU certified brands include Bachman, Cape Cod, Frito Lay, Herr’s, Snyder’s of Hanover, Utz and Wise. Additionally, many regional players like Bettermade, Wyandot, Inventure and Condor are also OU certified. In addition, many popular store brands like Albertson’s, Kroger, and Price Chopper all display OU kosher.

Dream Foods International Has All Products OU KOSHER Certification

Italian Volcano® Juices, Lemonade and Limeade , and Volcano Lemon Burst® and Volcano Lime Burst® have recently been OU kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. Dream Foods International is delighted to have the widely recognized OU kosher certification. Consumers will start seeing the OU symbol on the product labels in the first quarter of 2011