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Rav Moshe zt”l’s Heter of Cholov Stam Revisited

Halacha states that milk which is produced without hashgacha (r’iyah of a Yisroel) is non-kosher; such milk is termed “cholov akum”. This rule is a gezeirah, lest milk from non-kosher animals be mixed into what otherwise could be assumed to be kosher milk. Milk is only permissible when a Yisroel watches the milking, verifying that milk from non-kosher animal species is not incorporated. (Yoreh Deah 115:1, from Maseches Avodah Zarah daf 35b)

Mesorah Fish: An Analysis of Kaskeses – Part and Present

On Sunday February 19th, the Orthodox Union presented a conference on awide variety of subjects pertaining to Mesorah of various “pareve” subjects. The following is a look at the topic I presented, “An Analysis of Kaskeses – Part and Present”.

Chametz Sheavar Alav HaPesach

Pesach is a period full of kashrus related halachos. During this unique time we observe various dietary restrictions, which are part of the holiday’s special “halachic diet”. However, kashrus issues associated with Pesach do not end with havdalah after the last day of yom tov. Chametz sheavar alav hapesach, a term that describes chametz that […]

Kashrus and Allergens

Health matters require the guidance of qualified health professionals. The purpose of this article is to set forth general information pertaining to kashrus designations and how they might relate to allergens. Persons whose health might be affected by allergens should seek the advice of qualified health professionals. Have you ever seen a product label with […]

Checking Vegetables for Insects

Waiter: What would you like for an appetizer? Customer: Salad, please. The popularity of fruits, vegetables, and berries has increased in recent years due to positive scientific studies about potential health benefits from antioxidants contained in them. However, some consumers have still hesitated to plunge into the world of health out of fear of possibly […]

Maras Ayin and Kosher

Walking down the supermarket aisle, we often find interesting things on the shelf. Years ago, the thought of pareve cream cheese, pareve chicken soup, vegetarian chicken nuggets, pareve ice cream, or meatless meatballs would have sounded like a frivolous joke. However, today these products and the like are in high demand and sold at kosher stores around the U.S. and abroad. The pareve market, for example, has become increasingly popular in recent years and food companies have actively pursued innovative ways to create pareve versions of products traditionally assumed to be milichig or fleishig. Nevertheless, a product might be perfectly 100% kosher and still be subject to scrutiny vis-à-vis the Shulchan Aruch. Let us briefly examine the issue of maris ayin, the way that it affects modern day kashrus supervision, and the food we bring into our homes.

The Mashgichim in the Field

Keeping kosher has never been easy before as it is today. Not only can we walk down supermarket aisles and purchase whatever we need, there are even choices. Companies recognizing the value of kosher certification as a marketing tool pursue kosher certification as a means of expanding their sales. From basic staples to snack foods […]

Next Stop, Bombay! The Life of a Wandering Mashgiach

Dr. Avraham Meyer’s idea of a dream vacation is exploring his Manchester, England backyard and getting to sleep in his own bed for more than three nights in a row. For close to two decades, Dr. Meyer, the Orthodox Union’s (OU) Senior European rabbinic field representative (RFR), has been hopping planes, trains, taxis and cars […]

Following Major Success of Previous Event, The OU’s Harry H. Beren ASK OU Outreach Program Returns

Following Major Success of Previous Event, The OU’s Harry H. Beren Ask Outreach Program Returns To Lakewood For Programs Motzei Shabbat, December 6 And 13, January 10 And 17

Keeping Tabs on Kosher Glycerin Totes

Soon after he came to the OU, Rabbi Chaim Loike became troubled by the following problem: one of his companies sells totes of kosher glycerin as well as totes of non-kosher glycerin. When a customer of theirs requests more kosher glycerin, the customer gets a new tote of kosher glycerin. A non-kosher customer has it […]