Daf ha-kashrus

Daf HaKashrus Purim 5774 – Consumer Edition

Vol. 1 / No. 1

• The Daf
• Sherry Casks
• Playing with Fire – Part I

Daf HaKashrus has always been a very specialized publication. With a circulation of 3,000 and published ten times a year, it is intended primarily for OU Kosher rabbis in the field, advanced students in kosher law, and for those whose knowledge of kashrus is already at a very high level – often kashrus professionals. Recently, OU Kosher published the fourth five-year compilation of Daf HaKashrus editions, the largest of the collections at almost 400 pages. Now comes the next version of Daf HaKashrus, intended not only for the professionals but for those whose main interest is in living a kosher life, whether at home or when eating outside of the home.  The new OU Daf HaKashrus Consumer Edition makes its debut in time for Purim, with issues to follow prior to three other holidays: Shavuot, the High Holidays, and Chanukah.

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