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Passover Recipe Substitution Chart

Carrie Beylus

Ingredient Substitutions for Passover

I learned to cook from three wonderful women; each had a different approach to the kitchen and the delicacies they created:

My aunt taught me that measurements were optional – technique and tasting along the way was not!

My mom taught me to be adventurous and look for direction anywhere. This may account for my vast collection of cookbooks and Food Network obsession.

My mother in law taught me efficiency and the art of heimish recipes although I sadly cannot master a good Hungarian potato kugel – just ask my kids.

But, what I really came away with from these women, who enjoyed nothing more than to feed those they loved and whomever we all brought along for the culinary ride, was to try, tweak and master beloved family recipes. It was their mesorah – it’s what leads me to this list time and time again.

I use this list year-round to create new twists on traditional comfort foods for family and friends with various allergies or dietary restrictions. These simple substitutions help me serve foods that will both invoke and create memories for years to come.

So this year, reach for your favorite recipes and whip up a little bit of mesorah for your own families with lots of love from those that came before us and made each dish a beautiful and memorable experience.

Chag Kasher v’sameach

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