Passover Kitchen Tips

Carrie Beylus

Aren’t we, as a people, the original substitution experts in the kitchen? Switching dairy to parve, with relative ease – margarine, oil or even applesauce for butter and almond; rice or soy products for milk?

Why do things get stickier, or gooey-er or stiff-er or any other “er” when we are working with substitutions for rice, wheat-based gluten or soy?

This exact conundrum is why I prepare recipes that have proven to be successful during the other 357 days of the year and are permissible (albeit with some tweaks) on Passover. The right recipe and the right ingredient substitutions can make all the difference between your family enjoying the food you’ve prepared, and them slyly slipping their fare to Fluffy, Sparky or little cousin Benjy.

But, before you begin swapping out ingredients on your favorite layer cake, read through the recipe you want to adapt. Consider the quantity of the ingredient you’d have to replace. A cake with 3 cups of flour is not a good candidate for conversion.

Remember, things like liquid and leaveners may have to be adjusted for altitude, weather and taste, but if you stick with recipes you know and focus on ingredients you have access to or can simply make at home you will be assured a tasty and stress-free eight days.

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