Passover Kitchen Tips

Carrie Beylus

A number of years ago I received the best compliment from the daughter of dear friends at our Passover table. “Carrie, your food doesn’t taste like Pesach food.” Yippee! Success! Hoorah! I spent many years searching for the penultimate “Pesach recipes” until I realized I had all the recipes I needed and made them with great success, OFTEN – the other 347 days a year! All I needed for a great menu was some forethought and a little tweaking. The right ingredient substitutions make all the difference.

But, before you begin swapping out ingredients on your favorite layer cake, read through the recipe you want to adapt. Consider the quantity of the ingredient you’d have to replace. A cake with 3 cups of flour is not a good candidate for conversion — cake meal is pre-baked and simply doesn’t act like flour in recipes. Once you’ve evaluated your existing repertoire, the main key to success is to focus on what you CAN make, not what you can’t.

Bon Appetit!

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