Passover Recipe Substitution Chart

OU Kosher Staff

A friend once told me that when my kids are little Pesach would be all about the cleaning – getting every last Cheerio out of the den couch, etc., but as they get older it would be about the cooking and food preparation.

Wow, how right she was – is. These days it’s so much more than ‘what will I do without cereal and pasta?’ – now I need to know how to keep the refrigerator filled with ready and appetizing foods for hungry adults, teens and preteens on both yom tov and chol hamoed.

As I’ve said before favorite recipes from the other 357 days of the year are the best solutions to this latest conundrum.

All I need for a great menu, full fridge and happy family is some forethought and a little tweaking. The right ingredient substitutions are all it takes.

Kosher cooks are the original substitution experts in the kitchen; switching dairy to parve, with relative ease. But, before you begin swapping out ingredients read through the recipe you want to adapt. Consider the quantity of the ingredient you’d have to replace. A cake with 3 cups of flour is not a good candidate for conversion.

Remember, stick with recipes and ingredients you are familiar with (or can adapt quickly) and you will be assured a tasty and kvetch-free eight days.

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