COVID-19 and Pesach Related Issues

As the world struggles to contain and address the Corona virus pandemic – with only a short time left until Pesach – the following is intended to address some common and unique circumstances:  CLEANING THE HOME FOR PESACH   PREPARING THE KITCHEN FOR PESACH  TEVILAS KEILIM IF MIKVA IS INACCESSIBLE  WHAT IF I CAN’T MAINTAIN […]

Maple Syrup

100% pure maple syrup with an OU is acceptable for Passover.

An Erev Tavshilin Q&A

Q:  What is the reason for eruv tavshilin? A: When the second or eighth day of yom tov falls on Shabbat, or if Shabbat falls immediately after yom tov (as the third day of yom tov does this year on April 11th), it is rabbinically forbidden to cook or prepare on yom tov for Shabbat. […]

How To Kasher Dishwasher

How To Kasher Dishwashers & Electric Mixers

Guarding Our Matzot, Personalizing Our Mitzvot

The late great Jerusalem posek, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, delighted in the various kinds of matzot brought by his children and grandchildren to the Pesach Seder. Some preferred the round handmade matzah from one particular bakery or another, while others favored square machine manufactured matzot. Whereas some might consider this preference a point of contention […]

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