Whole eggs in their shell may be used without special Passover certification. Egg whites and pasteurized eggs are available with an OU-P. Please refer to the product search or the OU Passover guide for a complete list.

Didn’t get your questions answered at the Pre-Passover Webinar? Listen here!

The  Pre-Passover Webinar which was broadcasted live from OU Headquarters on Wednesday, March 22  was a great success and watched by over 3400 live viewers. Due to the large amount of questions submitted, we were not able to address all questions during the webinar. Rabbi Gersten, RC Recorder of OU Psak and Policy, addresses some of those […]

How Does The OU Respond to Customer Inquiries?

The OU provides numerous platforms and channels for the kosher consumer to ascertain the status of OU Kosher certified products, p’sak and policies.

The Seder

The Seder and the age-old rituals of Passover seem to have the ability to capture our imagination as no other events in the Jewish calendar.

The World of OU Kosher – A Discussion with Rabbi Moshe Elefant, COO, OU Kosher

What are the responsibilities of administering the world’s largest kosher certification agency?

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