Alcoholic Beverages

Arnold Dettling AG

Since it was founded 1867, Arnold Dettling has been committed to the exclusive production of Kirsch brandies. Today, we remain loyal to Arnold Dettling’s motto, “Dettling – exclusively Kirsch”. The secret process “eclusively Kirsch” harmonises cherries, fermentation and distillation. This is the only way to ensure that the versatile natural aroma is fully integrated and […]


Underberg – the natural herbal digestive. The beneficial effect of Underberg is the result of the potency of selected aromatic herbs from 43 countries. – Especially pleasant after a good meal – Promotes digestion – Soothing Two things contribute to Underberg’s distinctive character: its uniquely soothing effect and the unmistakable portion-sized bottle wrapped in straw […]

Canadian Iceberg Vodka Corp.

Many years ago the Earth’s snow was truly pure. Millenniums later, compacted behind giant glacial walls, this snow remains pristine, frozen and protected from all outside impurities. These naturally pure ICEBERGS are harvested and blended with triple distilled Canadian Sweet Corn. The result is an unique premium vodka that is best served in its natural […]

Charles Jacquin et Cie., Inc.

Pravda, the luxury vodka from Poland is finally available in the United States. It is custom made in small batches with only the finest ingredients: pure spring water from the Carpathian Mountains and natural, sweet late-harvest rye from the Wielkopolska fields.

Distillerie Bonollo SPA

Founded in 1908, Distillerie BONOLLO is one of the most important manufacturers of: Italian Brandy Natural L (+) Tartaric Acid Wine Spirits Our Kosher natural L (+) Tartaric Acid is largely used as organic food ingredients in bakery and in winery.

Royal Wine Corp.

Royal Wine is the world leader in production and import of kosher wines. The Herzog family earned their sterling reputation after 8 generations of dedicated winemaking. In the USA, the undisputed king is Herzog Wine Cellars out of California. This flagship all-kosher winery set the standards in kosher wines through high-end Herzog and Baron Herzog […]

HaGafen Cellars of Napa Valley

Hagafen Cellars brings together the elements of “Old Napa” style so often missing from today’s world of wine: a respect for lineage, knowledge of age-old customs for the crafting of wine, and superior releases that reveal a depth of character and a hallmark of place. Our small lot bottlings start with superb fruit, and we […]