Alcoholic Beverages

Koval Distillery

Koval Inc. is the first boutique distillery located in Chicago. Certified both organic and kosher, Koval holds itself to the highest standards of purity and craftsmanship. Koval avoids the common industry practice of outsourcing the production of neural grain spirits for rectification, making all of its products from scratch. Each step of the distilling process, […]

Tishbi Estate Winery

The Tishbi Estate Winery is the first family-owned and operated winery established in Israel. In 1882, Baron Rothschild commissioned Jonathan Tishbi’s grandfather to be a vintner in Israel. In 1984, following a century of grape-growing tradition, Jonathan took the initiative of opening his own winery. His son, Golan, studied winemaking and brought the winery to […]

TM “Khortytsa”

According to MIMRB marketing research TM ”Khortytsa” is the leader of Ukrainian alcohol market, with 31% of its market share. The latest international awards of TM “Khortytsa” are: Golden Star of United Vodka competition; International Spirits Challenge (San-Francisco); Drinks Spirits Competition (London); Grand Prix, 6 medlas and 12 diplomas of ProdExpo exhibition (Moscow), and many […]

ELVI Wines

ELVI wines is a Spanish company owned by the Cohen familly. Dr. Moisés Cohen, PhD holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Technion in Haifa, Israel. His wife Anne Cohen, holds a degree in History of Art and Sommelier. Together, they manage of the company. Elvi’s primary focus is to create excellent wines drawing […]

Stolichnaya Vodka

Stolichnaya is the authentic Russian vodka with a unique heritage going back almost 100 years. Its reputation as a pioneer and leader in the vodka market is unsurpassed. It was the first to launch the flavored vodka category with the introduction of Limonaya in 1986 which was soon followed by a host of new flavor […]

Stirrings LLC

Stirrings® believes that better ingredients make better cocktails. The company uses the finest real fruit juice, triple-filtered water and pure cane sugar in its collection of all-natural cocktail ingredients, including its popular Cocktail Mixers, Rimmer® cocktail garnishes and Sodas. Stirrings’ products are perfect for fun and unique entertaining, allowing anyone to easily create delicious, and […]

Peter F. Heering AB

The Peter F. Heering company is behind the Kosher certified Heering Cherry. Peter F. Heering has a long tradition of serving royalties. The Heering Cherry liqueur has been purveyor to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and to the Royal Danish Court since 1876. Further, one of the world’s most famous cocktails, the Singapore Sling, is made […]

Don Ernesto

Good wine shouldn’t be complicated. Like a rainbow or a puppy or a picture of yourself when you were slightly flushed, good wine should make you feel happy to be alive, enjoying life, surrounded by friends. Don Ernesto is just that kind of fun in a bottle–and a slightly quixotic winegrower, too. Put a smile […]

Prix Vineyards

Prix is for the man or woman who enjoys only the best… and who will welcome nothing else. This artisanal blend manifests the same philosophy of passion, flavor, and flair; no Prix bottling is the same as any other-each is the finest selection of the year’s harvest bounty. Accept nothing less: PRIX Mélange

Hagafen Cellars, Inc.

Hagafen Cellars brings together the elements of “Old Napa” style so often missing from today’s world of wine: a respect for lineage, knowledge of age-old customs for the crafting of wine, and superior releases that reveal a depth of character and a hallmark of place. Our small lot bottlings start with superb fruit, and we […]