ELVI Wines

ELVI wines is a Spanish company owned by the Cohen familly. Dr. Moisés Cohen, PhD holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Technion in Haifa, Israel. His wife Anne Cohen, holds a degree in History of Art and Sommelier. Together, they manage of the company. Elvi’s primary focus is to create excellent wines drawing on the Cohen’s over 20 years of experience in many countries.

Started in 2002, ELVI wines is now present in 5 different appellation (Denominación de Orígen) with 12 wines. All are well received in the marketplace and each has excellent independent ratings. Since 2007, Elvi has also expanded production to Chile with the same philosophy – to provide excellent quality kosher wines to the public. Our Kosher wines from Spain are: EL26, EL26 sweet, MAKOR, ADAR, NESS, VIÑA ENCINA, CLASICO, MATI, CAVA BRUT ADAR. From Chile: ALÜ WINTÜ.