TM “Khortytsa”

According to MIMRB marketing research TM ”Khortytsa” is the leader of Ukrainian alcohol market, with 31% of its market share. The latest international awards of TM “Khortytsa” are: Golden Star of United Vodka competition; International Spirits Challenge (San-Francisco); Drinks Spirits Competition (London); Grand Prix, 6 medlas and 12 diplomas of ProdExpo exhibition (Moscow), and many other. TM “Khortytsa” products are available in volumes 0,25lt., 0,375lt., 0,5lt., 0,7lt., 0,75lt., 1,0lt., 1,75lt., 5,0lt. and souvenir sets 2*0,5lt. and 5*0,1 lt. Currently, all the TM Khortytsa products are OU certified, as are some of the TM Medovukha products.