Winter 2017

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The Ultimate Food Enhancer: Spice Up Your Life!

Great news for kosher consumers and all of us who value quality cuisine and quality of life! America’s leading spice distributor, Harris Spice Company, is pleased to announce that it has recently attained OU Kosher certification. Spices have long served as the key ingredient that make world-class chefs’ recipes so flavorful. They commonly contain very […]

OU Certified Soup Kitchen Dining With Dignity

  When someone falls on tough financial times, more often than not, his self-respect takes a hard hit. If it gets to the point when he’s not sure where his next meal is coming from – along with the desperately needed handout, he also has to swallow his pride. Not at Masbia – a kosher […]

New to the OU: The Staff of Life – and Flavor! Crest Hill Bakery Delivers Both

Anyone who’s ever tasted fresh-baked challah would agree it comes pretty close to a Heavenly experience – one you’ll want to repeat. Often. Crest Hill Bakery, producers of hundreds of handmade breads, is ready, willing and award-winningly able to satisfy the public’s craving as often as you like. Including OU-Kosher consumers. Since 2006, Crest Hill […]

New to the OU: Spirit Lovers’ Dream Marriage – Old Elk Distillery Introduces Nooku Bourbon Cream

Curt and Nancy Richardson, the husband and wife founders of OtterBox and Blue Ocean Enterprises, are the masterminds of one of the spirit world’s most unique offerings – the first true bourbon cream called Nooku. When it comes to spirits manufacturing, Old Elk Distilleries, a Colorado-based distiller of premium spirits, prides itself on innovation. And […]

The RFR Who Wouldn’t Leave: Onsite Supervision Explained

Paul Pendelton of Paul’s Perfect Pies finally perfected his Pecan Praline Pudding pie –confident that prosperity would soon follow. He figured it was all systems go. He learned otherwise. The product would be his first OU Kosher non-dairy item manufactured in an all dairy plant. If Paul planned on producing his pudding pie with an OU, and not OU-D (indicating to consumers that it was dairy-free), he would need onsite rabbinic supervision (referred to as Hashgacha Temidis). […]

Kosherfest 2016: Kosher Trade Secret Revealed

In 28 years, I have never missed a Kosherfest. I still get the same feeling of excited anticipation as I walk the aisles in search of the latest kosher products. This year’s search led to a discovery of a long-held trade secret. Here’s the scoop…but keep it under wraps. I entered the Meadowlands Exposition Center […]

Spread the Word! Not All Butters are Created Equal – or Kosher

“Do you have any kosher butter?” “What do you mean? Butter is always kosher!” Not necessarily. Butter is often kosher, but to use the word “always” is to deny the important concerns and considerations that must be taken into account when certifying butter facilities. The distinctions that come into play with cream sources, as well […]

Food Fraud in the News: And a Label You Can Count On

The media’s recent coverage of major findings of fraud in the food industry has understandably prompted consumer concern – and mistrust. Back in 2013, the scandal involving England’s food industry made major news; it was discovered that horse meat was being sold as beef. Today, claims of food fraud are much closer to home. Along […]

Covenant Wine-My Unexpected Journey Home

If I told you kosher wine transformed my family’s life, you might think I was exaggerating. I’m not. It all started 14 years ago, when I founded Covenant winery with Napa Valley vintner Leslie Rudd. Little did I know that my appreciation of wine would lead me back to my own heritage. I grew up […]

Enjoy an OU Kosher Fiesta! Direct From Spain

Rabbi Michael Hoffman’s been to Spain so many times, he could make the Guinness Book of World Records. 300 trips in 11 years, and running! But you’ll never find Rabino Hoffman flamenco dancing or basking on Spain’s spectacular sun-soaked beaches. He’s way too busy inspecting food plants – 150 of them. OU Kosher’s RFR in […]

Spices and Production-Key Kosher Issues

Spices come with built-in benefits. They have the power to transform a bland dish into a savory one. And they are nearly always kosher. Nonetheless, anyone working with spices — in packaging, distribution or simply as an ingredient — should keep a few essential points in mind. Flow Agents Many OU spice merchants use flow […]

New to the OU: Boondocks American Whiskey Produces Another Winner

Royal Wine Corporation raises the world’s Spirits yet again. With Boondocks American Whiskey’s latest entry, master distiller, Dave Scheurich, winner of the Whisky Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award, continues to create the country’s most recognized whiskeys. Available in both 95 Proof and Cask Strength 127 Proof, the brand’s entrance into the rapidly growing spirits category marks […]