Fall 2017

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Kosher Certification of Yogurt – Hurdles and Victories

Yogurt seems so simple, but its kosher challenges can be numerous and unexpected. Let’s take a closer look. At first glance, what is yogurt? Well, it’s milk. Umm, sort of. It’s fermented milk. We’re getting closer, but we’re not yet there. It’s fermented milk that often contains kosher-sensitive stabilizers and fruit-base. Okay, now we really […]

Much Ado About Munching

One can scarcely calculate the amount of comforts and conveniences that constantly pepper our lives. The light bulb. The automobile. The dishwasher. We rarely, if ever, think about the work-hours and brain-power that went into creating these items. Could Einstein have known that the revolution he wrought in understanding the universe would affect how the […]

Making Beverages Kosher

Primary Kosher Concerns: Apple and orange juice: Although apple and orange juice don’t inherently cause any kosher ingredient issues, the equipment on which they are produced can be problematic. With all other juices, even if the ingredients are straightforward, they could have been produced on equipment running non-kosher grape juice and non-kosher sports drinks. Sports […]

Chiltis – One Powerful Spice!

Chiltis has long been known as the sharpest of spices. In fact, the Talmud states that if a cow were to swallow a whole chiltis plant, it could be assumed that it would not live out the year. If one consumed it in an undiluted state, it could cause a gastrointestinal perforation (i.e. a ruptured […]

What’s Booming in Beverages?

With all the RTD infusions flooding the market these days, you’d think that people are imbibing a lot more these days. But according to a top CEO in the beverage industry, consumers are drinking the same amount as they always did. Now they’re way more demanding about what’s in the mix. Today’s consumers are looking […]

The Joy of Jonica Juice

If your palate craves a rich, natural fruity taste, Jonica Juice´s fruit purees and puree concentrates more than answers the call. This versatile product creates fruit juices, juice drinks and smoothies, as well as jams, fruit fillings and dressings, the products consistently deliver deliciousness. And accessibility. Jonica Juice provides semi-finished fruit purees to worldwide players […]

The Power of a Label

In the world of kosher, labels are not just marketing tools or sources of information as to nutritional information or calorie counts.  For the kosher consumer, labels – specifically, the kosher symbols that appear on them – serve as the guidelines and instructions that the end user relies upon to know the accurate kosher-status of the […]

Amsellem Dry Sausage: Successful Family Tradition – and Treat!

Back in 1928, Jacob Amsellem, then a sought-after butcher in the Jewish community of Casablanca, created a delicious dry \beef sausage recipe. The sausage became an instant hit, and has been enjoyed in Europe for the last decade, especially in France. Now North American consumers can sink their teeth into this uniquely tasty deli-cacy. Launched […]

Karma Wellness Water Receives OU Kosher Certification

As the kosher market continues to flourish, Karma Culture, the manufacturer of Karma Wellness Water has proudly gone OU Kosher. Comprised of two distinct product lines – Karma Wellness Water (vitamin-enhanced) and Karma Probiotics (a shelf-stable probiotic beverage), the company uses its proprietary Karma Push Cap Technology to keep vitamins and other essential ingredients protected […]

OU Kosher Keeps Oil Production Greased

Edible oil and oil by-products, such as fatty acids and lecithin, are essential ingredients in almost every food industry. OU Kosher receives requests daily from companies around the world, including the most remote areas of the Amazon Jungles. Let’s take a closer look at the certification process of kosher oil and the rigorous oversight it […]

Ask the Rabbi

Dear Rabbi, Our plant processes and cans fruits and vegetables. The raw fruits and vegetables are, of course, all kosher. Why would I need to receive OU Kosher certification, wouldn’t everyone know that my products are kosher? Can you explain what would be involved in attaining kosher certification for my plant?   Thank you for […]

Thinking Outside the Chocolate Box With Chuao Chocolatier

They say it’s never too late to follow your dreams, and that’s exactly what Chuao Chocolatier founder Chef Michael Antonorsi did. In his mid-thirties, Chef Michael decided to stop chasing his ego and start following his heart, leaving behind a successful tech career in Venezuela to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a chef. Chef Michael uprooted his wife […]

The Glass-lined Reactor Glitch

When it comes to kosherization, the distinction between steel and glass is a significant factor.  In fact, the kosherization of what was reportedly a stainless-steel reactor sometimes must be delayed or canceled because the OU Kosher field representative supervising the kosherization discovers that the interior of the reactor was not only metal but coated with […]