Amsellem Dry Sausage: Successful Family Tradition – and Treat!

Back in 1928, Jacob Amsellem, then a sought-after butcher in the Jewish community of Casablanca, created a delicious dry \beef sausage recipe. The sausage became an instant hit, and has been enjoyed in Europe for the last decade, especially in France. Now North American consumers can sink their teeth into this uniquely tasty deli-cacy.

Launched in Montreal in 2015, the Amsellem deli meat plant is headed by Maurice Bensoussan and Daniel Amsellem, a grandson of the product’s patriarch, who proudly continues to provide consumers with this unique palate-pleasing recipe.

Not to be confused with salami, which is made from ground meat and cooked in a way that decreases the meat’s nutritional value, Amsellem treats its meat with a special blend of spices and then dries and ferments it, effectively achieving its signature great taste and maintaining the meat’s original nutrients.

The company is well-attuned to the healthy lifestyle that increasing numbers of kosher consumers are seeking. Amsellem’s dry beef sausage is gluten-free, contains zero sulfites, has no added nitrates, is allergy friendly and made from natural ingredients. In addition, it boasts 20% proteins, and only 8% fat per 1oz (30g) serving.

Amsellem’s primary goal is to maintain the company’s standard of excellence along with offering a distinctively flavorful variety including Rosette, Chorizo, Napoleon, Milano, Laost, and Parisian. The versatile sausage can be served as an appetizer, in sandwiches, as a snack or added to other recipes.

“OU Kosher supervision will only enhance our reputation and quality,” says Daniel Amsellem. “Because of the OU’s consistently high standards, it is the most trusted kosher certification.”

No doubt his innovative grandfather would heartily approve.