OU Kosher Video “The Kosher Standard” to Appear in Spanish

OU Kosher’s instruction video, The Kosher Standard, which was produced to assist companies and their personnel in maintaining their kosher programs, is now available in a Spanish version for use by both Spanish-speaking personnel in United States companies and for the increasing number of firms in Spanish-speaking countries that are certified by the Orthodox Union.

The video, which runs approximately 20 minutes, is the second OU Kosher presentation to be translated into Spanish; its predecessor, The Kosher Video, intended for consumers as well as companies, has been translated as well into Chinese. The Kosher Standard is directed at company personnel alone.

“The Kosher Standard provides a valuable overview of the procedures and requirements necessary to produce kosher products, and suggests ways to enhance the kosher management structure that companies now have in place,” explained Rabbi Yonatan Kaganoff, OU Kosher Rabbinic Coordinator, with responsibilities for marketing. “The OU and its certified companies have formed a partnership, working together to ensure that the company’s kosher program runs smoothly. The Kosher Standard in Spanish assures that this message gets across to the increasing number of Spanish – speaking personnel who are involved in kosher programs at OU certified plants.”

The video will be distributed by OU Kosher rabbinic coordinators to the companies they supervise which they believe would find it to be helpful.

“The Spanish language video is another example of how the OU is continually responding to changes in American and international industry,” Rabbi Kaganoff declared.

OU Kosher Staff