Behind the Scenes (Theoretical Kashruth)

The Kosher Status of Papain

In the early twentieth century, Belgian colonists in the Congo noticed that the Congolese were careful to store elephant meat in papaya leaves. Intrigued, they found that the papaya leaves, besides protecting the meat, tenderized it. Laboratory analysis demonstrated that a particular enzyme, called papain, was the agent of the process.

Recipe for Success: The Making of an OU Restaurant

Kosher dining definitely ain’t what it used to be. “Will it be French, prime rib or sushi tonight?” is not a question kosher diners would have ever imagined asking before the last quarter of the twentieth century. Yet, it looks like the growing attraction to the more exotic kosher fare has joined the classic craving for pastrami on rye with a side of pickles.

Baker’s Cheese: On the Crossroads Between Acid Cheese and Rennet Cheese

A discussion of the Kosher status and rules of Baker’s Cheese.

How a Product from Beef Can be Used in Dairy Delicacies

An explanation of how pareve gelatin can be manufactured from beef and therefore be used in dairy products.

Is Sake Kosher?

A discussion of the rules of Kosher sake.

The Tasty Muffin: Starting off Your Day the OU Way

A discussion of the Kosher certification of muffins.

Rav Moshe zt”l’s Heter of Cholov Stam Revisited

Halacha states that milk which is produced without hashgacha (r’iyah of a Yisroel) is non-kosher; such milk is termed “cholov akum”. This rule is a gezeirah, lest milk from non-kosher animals be mixed into what otherwise could be assumed to be kosher milk. Milk is only permissible when a Yisroel watches the milking, verifying that milk from non-kosher animal species is not incorporated. (Yoreh Deah 115:1, from Maseches Avodah Zarah daf 35b)

Mesorah Fish: An Analysis of Kaskeses – Part and Present

On Sunday February 19th, the Orthodox Union presented a conference on awide variety of subjects pertaining to Mesorah of various “pareve” subjects. The following is a look at the topic I presented, “An Analysis of Kaskeses – Part and Present”.

Kashrus and Allergens

Health matters require the guidance of qualified health professionals. The purpose of this article is to set forth general information pertaining to kashrus designations and how they might relate to allergens. Persons whose health might be affected by allergens should seek the advice of qualified health professionals. Have you ever seen a product label with […]

Next Stop, Bombay! The Life of a Wandering Mashgiach

Dr. Avraham Meyer’s idea of a dream vacation is exploring his Manchester, England backyard and getting to sleep in his own bed for more than three nights in a row. For close to two decades, Dr. Meyer, the Orthodox Union’s (OU) Senior European rabbinic field representative (RFR), has been hopping planes, trains, taxis and cars […]