Eich Noflim Giborim: Rav Arye Lerman and Rav Shimon Eider

In the past three months, Klal Yisroel suffered the loss of two remarkable individuals, Gedolim in their own rights, who for many years maintained a special relationship with the OU. Each left an indelible imprint on the OU, and in a broader sense, profoundly influenced the world of Kashrus. These two giants were Rav Arye Lerman, zt”l, who was niftar on the 29th day of Tamuz, 5767, and Rav Shimon Eider, zt”l, who was niftar on the 16th of Tishre, 5768.

OU Position on Certifying Specific Animals and Birds

Daf Notes: The following article is taken from the soon to be published Sourcebook of the Three Day Harry H. Beren LA Halachic Adventure which is to take place Bs’d August 5-7. We thank Rabbi Seth Mandel and Rabbi Chaim Loike for their efforts in transcribing Rav Yisroel Belsky Shlita’s response concerning the specific animals and birds listed below.

OU Recommendations for Vaad HaKashrus Supervision

A position paper presented by Rabbi Yaakov Luban, OU Executive Rabbinic Coordinator at the ASK OU-RCA Yom Iyun held at OU Headquarters, NYC, May 1, 2007.

Cholov Yisroel Ricotta Production/First Exclusively-OU Cholov Yisroel Product Ever

On Sunday evening, November 25th, I joined Dr. Simcha Katz, Chairman of the OU’s Joint Kashrus Commission, Rabbi Avrohom Juravel, head of OU Kashrus Technical Services, and a group of senior OU Kashrus staff for a special kashering and production at a well-established ricotta cheese company. The evening’s protocol was to kasher the cheese facility’s cholov stam equipment and to supervise an overnight production of cholov Yisroel ricotta for an OU-certified ‘heimishe‘ manufacturer of upscale Italian specialty products.

Halachos of Hafrashas Challah

We are all familiar with the mitzvah of hafrashas challah. When baking large amounts of bread, cake, or cookies, we make a berachah and take off a small piece of dough as the challah. Many bake extra dough in order to be able to perform this special mitzvah.

Glycerine and Detergent Issues

1) For those RFR’s whose plants need Kosher for Passover Glycerine be advised that Procter & Gamble is now producing a non-Passover Glycerine that is named: Superol Kosher Glycerine not for Passover (KNP). This product is now being sold bulk, and will soon be sold in drums also. 2) The OU certifies some glycerine and […]

Keeping Veggies Free of Bugs: and Yes, Do This at Home!

For I am Hashem your God – you are to sanctify yourselves and you shall be holy, for I am holy; and you shall not contaminate yourselves through any teeming thing that creeps on the earth. (Leviticus 11:44)

An RFR’s Notes On Dettling Kirsch

In Switzerland it is inconceivable to celebrate a joyous occasion without a glass of kirsch – cherry brandy. For tourists, it is compulsory to take home postcards of the Alps, a package of Swiss cheese and … a bottle of kirsch [German for “cherry” ].

The Hole Truth: Together, Bagels & the OU Have an Unbeatable Personality

There is a definite connection between New Yorkers and the New York City bagel. New Yorkers are tough and firm on the outside but gentle and caring on the inside. A real New York City bagel too, is hard and crispy on the outside but moist and chewy on the inside. New Yorkers are shiny and flamboyant on the outside but good old down-to-earth and friendly on the inside. A real New York City bagel too, is burnished and slick on the outside but mushy and snug on the inside.

Dairy English Muffins

The OU certifies many brands of English Muffins which are labeled OU-D and many others that are OU-Pareve. In light of the issur to produce dairy bread (Shulchan Aruch 97:1), how can the OU certify muffins as dairy? The following two answers have been suggested to this question, and each is followed by Rav Schachter’s comments:
Muffins have a unique shape.