Gary Magder

What You Need to Know About the Kosher Nutraceuticals Market

The term nutraceutical combines the words nutrient and pharmaceutical. Thus, products in this genre are geared to provide therapeutic benefits, to prevent illness, in addition to nutritional value.   OU Kosher Certifies B2B and B2C Products and Companies There are two broad categories: medicinal food and dietary supplements, both of which come in many forms.  OU Kosher certifies many companies in both […]

OU Kosher Partners With Ritz Carlton Manama to Facilitate Kosher Food

Ritz Carlton Manama (Bahrain) Becomes The First Hotel In The Kingdom To Offer Kosher Food NEW YORK – Beginning later this month, the luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel in Manama, Bahrain will become the first hotel in the kingdom to offer kosher certified food through the help of Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher, the world’s largest kosher […]

National Animal Crackers Day – April 18

According to Wikipedia “An animal cracker is a particular type of small cracker or cookie, baked in the shape of an animal, usually an animal either at a zoo or circus, such as a lion, a tiger, a bear, or an elephant. The most common variety is light-colored and slightly sweet, but darker chocolate-flavored and […]

Steuben Foods and Elmhurst Dairy – Co-Packing Liquids in the Northeast

What was the first Elmhurst product that was certified? For Steuben Foods, Whitney’s Yogurt was the first kosher certified product. Developed by our in-house R&D team, this was the output of a strategic partnership with Kellogg’s and was responsible for launching Steuben to top-class manufacturing status – including acquiring a new home in Elma, NY […]

Add Your Product to the OU Kosher Approved Ingredients Universal Database

One of OUDirect’s most popular features is the search for Kosher approved raw materials, powered by the Universal Kosher Database (UKD). Hundreds of searches are done daily by OU clients looking for ingredients. But companies need to include their products in the database search results.  Products are not included by default for privacy reasons. So when manufacturers opt–in, a link to their website can be included that can introduce potential customers to all products on their website.   When any OU customer logs in […]

Cornell-led Panel Releases Report on Agri-food Innovation

To deflect future world food crises created by climate change and growing consumer demand, a Cornell-led international team of economists, scientists and business experts has created a road map for global agricultural and food systems innovation, reform and sustainability. The group’s report – “Socio-Technical Innovation Bundles for Agri-Food Systems,” funded by the Cornell Atkinson Center for […]