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Hiland Global Consulting: Pioneers of Full-Circle Certification Management”

Hiland Global Consulting is recognized in the food industry for its comprehensive expertise in certification processes and production protocols. The firm’s team have developed an global partnership network with certification agencies that helps to streamline regulatory and quality assurance processes for their clientele. Hiland specializes in a wide array of certifications including Kosher and is […]

Maximizing Brand Trust with OU Symbol Visibility

Global Recognition and Diverse Appeal  The OU Kosher certification symbol is globally recognized, signifying adherence to kosher dietary laws while representing a commitment to quality, safety, and consumer trust. This certification is highly sought after, extending its appeal far beyond kosher diets to consumers with dietary preferences that include gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. The rigorous […]

Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Postbiotics: The Trio Transforming Gut Health

Introduction  As we delve deeper into the science of nutrition and the complexities of the microbiome, it’s becoming increasingly clear how significant the roles of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics are in our overall health. This evolving understanding is driving a surge in consumer interest, particularly among those seeking products that are compatible with kosher dietary […]

Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Postbiotics: The Trio Transforming Gut Health

Introduction  As the growing recognition of the crucial roles probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics play in our overall health gains momentum, fuelled by evolving understanding of the gut microbiome, a surge in consumer interest is sweeping the market, particularly among those actively seeking kosher-compatible options. At OU Kosher, we stay attuned to these trends and regularly […]

Bee-ing Kosher:Grupo Bio Vital’s Natural Approach to Wellness

Introduction to Biovital’s Mission and Products  OU Kosher: Could you give a general overview of what your company does and your products?  Israel Salazar: Our company, based out of Cartagena, operates primarily from our office in Bogota. We specialize in products aimed at boosting the immune system, particularly targeting respiratory problems and flu symptoms. Our […]

Bridging Kosher Wishes and Market Realities: Kosher Consumers Speak

Bridging Kosher Wishes and Market Realities: OU Kosher’s Unique Consumer-Company Dialogue  As a nonprofit community service organization, OU Kosher transcends the traditional boundaries of certification agencies, deeply ingraining itself in the daily lives of tens of thousands of kosher consumers globally. This is the story of how OU Kosher is reshaping the dialogue between those […]

Aleta Collagen’s Bovine Kosher Collagen Peptides Powder

OU KOSHER: Can you describe the process of making your Bovine Kosher Collagen Peptides Powder kosher-certified?  ALITA COLLAGEN: The process for Aleta Collagen’s kosher certification is thorough and starts from the very source. We use OU kosher collagen from animals that are slaughtered according to kosher standards. Post-slaughter, the animals undergo rigorous inspection, including lung […]

Exporting to the US Market: The Value of OU Kosher Certification in the Global Market 

The American Market: A Tapestry of Global Tastes  The United States, a tapestry of cultures and cuisines, presents a unique marketplace for global food producers. With around 15% of its food supply being imported, the U.S. offers a canvas of diverse tastes and preferences. However, this diversity isn’t just about variety; it demands meticulous oversight, […]

OU Kosher’s Snack Day: A Symphony of Flavors and Community

There’s a day each month that stands out within the walls of OU Kosher’s headquarters: Snack Day. An initiative that encapsulates the essence of celebration and recognition, Snack Day is more than just a tasting event; it’s a testament to OU Kosher’s commitment to its certified brands and the wider community. On Snack Day afternoons […]

Anchoring Dietary Needs: U.S. Navy Partners with OU for Streamlined Kosher Meal Access

The Orthodox Union’s (OU) commitment to ensuring kosher food is available to servicemen is not a new endeavor but is deeply rooted in its history. The collaboration with the U.S. Navy and the Aleph Institute to address the complexities of supplying kosher meals on Navy vessels is but the latest chapter in this enduring legacy.  […]