Gary Magder

Tailorzyme Tailor-Made Enzyme Solutions for Feeding the World

  Tailorzyme, co-founded by Lars Peter Andersen and Bent Piil Pedersen, is based in Denmark and has been in business since 2015.   Their focus is on applications where an enzymatic solution will bring value to their customers and benefit society by more efficiently using raw materials and improving the impact on the environment.   In some […]

FIT Gelatins and Kosher Bovine Collagen

FIT (Food Industry Technology) Gelatins, founded by David Holzer, is North America’s largest supplier of verifiable kosher gelatin and has been OU Kosher certified since 1993.  In addition to kosher gelatin FIT Gelatins also produces OU Kosher certified collagen powder which is produced using enzymes. Their products derived from kosher fish and the hides of […]

OU Kosher Convenes Annual Conference for Rabbinic Field Representatives (RFR’s)

As one of the world’s largest yogurt makers was building their newest production facility, they called the OU Kosher certification agency because they wanted to produce a pareve (non-dairy) oat milk. The challenge was producing it in a dairy facility.   This question and others were discussed on May 15th and 16th at a gathering […]

OU Companies Recently Certified BeVeg Vegan Certification 

A survey published by Vegconomist reveals that 91% prefer products with an independent stamp guaranteeing a product is really Vegan, and 96% are more likely to purchase a plant-based product clearly marked as “Vegan,” according to Plant-Based News. That’s why OU Kosher has partnered with BeVeg to offer Vegan certification audits for existing OU Kosher  […]

OU Kosher Offers Marketing Support for Certified Companies

The Orthodox Union was founded in 1898 as a non-profit  community services organization that would help unify the growing and increasingly fragmented American Jewish community.  It would quickly become a powerful force within the United States through its support for education, European immigrants and political advocacy. As a result of these efforts the OU earned […]

Why Plant-Based Products Need Vegan Certification

Did you know that plant-based does not mean Vegan, but Vegan means plant-based and cruelty-free?  Plant-based is a diet that strives for animal-free ingredients, but the consumer expectation from a plant-based claim is that it is not animal product and cruelty-free, like that of an official Vegan claim. In fact, the plant based certified standard […]

How the OU Is Helping in Ukraine

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in late February, OU Kosher, in close contact with the Jewish community there, began coordinating relief efforts.   Over the past month, food shipments and fundraising efforts have helped  provide the Jewish people of Ukraine with food, transportation and evacuation, hotels and shelters, medical supplies, resettlement and more. […]

Why Vegan Certification Standards Matter

While there is a general agreement about what makes something vegan, there are currently no regulations governing the claim that a product is Vegan within North America or Europe.   Vegan claims are not regulated by the FDA or the EU which means that a manufacturer of the broad range of products that vegan can […]

GE Appliances Embraces OU Kosher and the Jewish Community

Our Plan at GE Appliances is Connecting With Customers At GE Appliances we’re on a journey called Zero Distance. That means we want to get closer to our customers than any manufacturer has ever done before. So when we saw the Jewish community and the way it was being served by the appliance industry, we […]

Applied DNA Sciences: Knowing Your Product with CertainT

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to prove that your product is what you say it is? For about 15 years, a company called Applied DNA Sciences  has used unique molecular identity tags to put information such as the location of a plant or date of manufacture right into a product. These tags are […]