Daf ha-kashrus

Cheshvan 5766 / November 2005

•    KO$HER EXPEN$E$ These hypothetical questions were presented to Rav Schachter, Shlita, whose answers, in Hebrew, follow each question. •    Daf Notes: Surviving The Storm By Rabbi Yosef Nemes RFR-Louisiana •    In Memory Of Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Klein Z”L •    Kashruth Advisory

Elul-Tishrei 5765-5766 / Sept.-Oct. 2005

•    The Primary Ingredients In Detergents By Rabbi Yosef Goldberg RC – Bake,Dairy,Oleochemical and Detergent •    Gluten-Free Hashgacha •    OU Pas Yisroel Products •    Now OU Certified •    Kashruth Alert

Tammuz-Av 5765 / July-August 2005

•    Ingredient Profiles: Pareve Natural Cheese Flavor By Rabbi Gavriel Price Ingredients Approval Registry •    Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow? By Rabbi Howard Katzenstein Business Manager, Trademark Compliance

Sivan 5765 / June 2005

•    Faxing and Emailing on Friday Afternoon By Rabbi Dovid Cohen Rabbinic Coordinator

Iyar 5765 / May 2005

•    Peeled Eggs, Onion or Garlic Overnight By Rabbi Dovid Cohen Rabbinic Coordinator •    An Incident on an Airline

Adar II 5765 / March 2005

•    OUP: What’s New For ’05?  By Rabbi Shmuel Singer •    Publications A New Kashruth Video Release •    ASKOU – Pesach 5765/2005

Adar I 5765 / February 2005

•    Ingredient Profiles: High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) By Rabbi Gavriel Price Ingredients Approval Registry •    Torah Thoughts on the Tsunami By Rabbi Yosef Grossman RC, Editor – The Daf HaKashrus

Shevat 5765 / January 2005

•    Setting the Record Straight on Kosher Slaughter By Rabbi Menachem Genack Rabbinic Administrator, Kosher Division, Orthodox Union •    New York State Kosher Law By Baruch Cywiak OU Trademark Compliance •    Security and Sealing Devices By Rabbi Howard Katzenstein Director – Business Management •    Publications The OU Guide to Preparing Fruits & Vegetables Kosher Food […]

Kislev/Tevet 5765 / December 2004

•    Transferring Mesorah of Birds OU Document B-65 – Part II A Teshuva By Rav Herschel Schachter, Shlita •    Halachic Highlights: The Kosher Status of Specific Questionable Birds •    A New OU Kashruth Video Release The Mesorah of Kosher Birds and Animals

Cheshvan 5765 / November 2004

•    Transferring Mesorah of Birds Document B-65 – Part I Compiled By Rabbi Dovid Cohen