OU Kosher Pre-Pesach Webcast 2015

OU Kosher Staff

Moderated by Rabbi Eli Eleff, rabbinic coordinator and consumer relations administrator, this year’s panel consisted of Rabbi Moshe Elefant, Chief Operations Officer of OU Kosher; Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz, senior rabbinic coordinator and Passover Directory editor; Rabbi Gavriel Price, rabbinic coordinator for ingredient research; and Rabbi Eli Gersten, rabbinic coordinator and halachic recorder.

Questions discussed in the 45-minute presentation included:

  • The OU’s stance on quinoa;
  • Drinking coffee on Passover – what is permitted and what is not permitted;
  • Eating smoked and frozen fish on Passover;
  • Do paper goods need special Passover certification?
  • What am I looking for when purchasing matzah and wine for Passover?
  • Can I use washed and cut carrots on Passover?
  • How does shemittah (the Sabbatical year) affect Passover products purchased from Israel?
  • If consuming vitamins, what is the situation if the vitamin has corn syrup?
  • Does seltzer need to be Kosher for Passover? Don’t the bubbles come from the manufacture of beer?
  • Can tequila be consumed on Passover?
  • Regarding medications, questions included the use of thyroid medications on Passover;
  • For those using a time share following the first two days, can kashering be done then or does it have to be done before the start of the holiday?


OU Kosher Staff

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