What Is The Passover “SEDER”?

OU Kosher Staff

The Seder is a ritual banquet which reenacts the Exodus, conducted on both the first and second evenings of Passover.

Its major feature is the reading of the Haggadah, which relates, in detail, the events of the Exodus of the Jewish people from ancient Egypt, complete with symbolic reenactments using Kosher wine, specially prepared Matzah, and bitter herbs.

The specially prepared Shmurah Matzah is made specifically for use at the Seder, with specially supervised flour according to particularly stringent Jewish traditions and laws. The bitter herbs (Maror) consisting of either romaine lettuce or horseradish, commemorate the harsh conditions of slavery in ancient Egypt.

Four cups of wine are consumed during the course of the Seder to commemorate the redemption of the Jewish people, the sanctity of the holiday and events related in the Haggadah. The Seder is a traditional occasion for Jewish families to gather together to reinforce their ties to Judaism.

OU Kosher Staff

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