Are OU-P matzos 18 minute matzos?

OU Kosher Staff

Are OU matzos 18 minute matzos? It depends on what you mean. We always make sure that the entire matzah baking process—from adding the water to the flour until the matzos are done baking—takes place in less than 18 minutes.

If you are asking if we stop the factory after each 18 minute run to clean everything, the answer is that we do not. Needless to say, we constantly clean all utensils and machinery involved in kneeding and mixing the dough. However, other pieces of machinery in the factory does not require cleaning every eighteen minutes. Since they are constantly in motion there is no risk of anything becoming chometz. Additionally, all particles are blown off. Needless to say, we make sure the entire factory is rigorously cleaned at the end of each work day.

Additionally, all OU Matzah that is certified as Kosher for Passover, are made l’shem mitzvas matzah and the flour is watched from the time of grinding.

OU Kosher Staff

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