Nuts & Seeds

Suzhou Youi Foods Co.

We are a leading manufacturer specializing in producing nut snacks. We have flavors of peanut crackers, Wasabi peas, coated green peas, roasted soy beans, green beans, coated broad beans, roasted cashew nuts, fried crackers and so on.

POPLA International, Inc.

With high quality products and fast services, POPLA International, Inc. carries number of production lines, and has become a major premix product manufacture not only all throughout United States, but also even in foreign region and countries such as Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, Australia, and Canada. By years of experience with surpassing background, […]

FERIDIES® World’s Best Peanuts and Specialty Foods

FERIDIES is known for our award-winning “super extra-large” gourmet Virginia peanuts roasted in peanut oil and seasoned to perfection. Virginia peanuts are a type of known for their large size, crunchy texture and high nutritional value. We offer 9 different savories from Salted to Wasabi, 4 different peanut confections and other specialty nuts and trail […]

Universal Blanchers, LLC

We are the premier provider of custom peanut processing services and formulated products for the food industry.Our facilities routinely receive the highest scores for sanitation and manufacturing practices during our annual American Baking Institutes Food Safety Audits. Our HACCP, GMP’s and Pm Programs. Our responsiveness to our customer’s needs and requirements, as well as our […]

Diamond Foods, Inc.

Diamond Foods, Inc. (Nasdaq: DMND) is a leading branded food company specializing in processing, marketing and distributing culinary nuts and snack products. Diamond products are sold in three grocery store locations: Diamond of California brand culinary nuts in the baking aisle, Emerald brand snacks in the snack aisle and Emerald Harmony snacks, as well as […]

Sungold Foods

Sunbutter is a healthy, tasty alternative for peanut butter made with Sunflower Seed. It is high in Vitamin E, a great source of protein and fiber. Sunbutter is produced in a facility that is peanut and tree nut free

American Nut, Inc.

The high quality nuts and dried fruits are roasted on premises in state of the art roasting equipment . We specialize in dry roasting . One of our favorite and most popular products is pumpkin seeds. Our daily roasting is done with a unique flavoring and coating , trademark of American Nuts. Our products and […]

Spycher Brothers

Spycher Brothers, a leading independent California almond handler, supplies quality almonds to industrial users, confectioners, and retailers. From its processing plant nestled among orchards in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, the Turlock-based processor ships products to domestic and international destinations.

Trophy Nut Company

Trophy Nut Co. provides roasted and salted peanuts and tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pistachios); peanut candy; snack mixes; and “Old Fashioned” peanut butter. We are a Private label and institutional packer. New avenues for 2007 include Trophy Naturals and Trophy Organic Certified product. Trophy Nut can be reached at […]

Whole Alternatives Foods

Whole Alternatives Foods located in Louisville, KY is a wholesaler and packager (private label) of Kosher beans, grains, seeds, fruits, nuts, snacks, popcorn including organic and natural.