Blue Moon and OU Kosher Partner to Bring Kosher-Friendly Beer to 10.5 Million More Americans

New state-of-the-art brewery receives kosher certification from Orthodox Union

Denver, May 9, 2017– Blue Moon Brewing Company (Blue Moon), an award-winning craft beer company, announced today that its newest brewery in the River North (RiNo) neighborhood in

Denver has been certified as OU Kosher from the Orthodox Union, the foremost authority in kosher certification. While the facility was officially opened in July 2016, it took just four months to make the adjustments needed to meet the standards required to receive OU certification.

“The Kosher community is growing rapidly. Whether it’s for religious reasons or simply personal preference, consumers and businesses rely on OU’s symbol as a seal of approval,” said Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kosher. “We have worked with Blue Moon for more than 20 years and are pleased that they continue to partner with us as they expand their beer offerings to the kosher community.”

“The Kosher population is often overlooked by our industry, that’s more than 10.5 million people in the U.S. alone,” said Josh Luman, General Manager of Blue Moon Brewing Company – RiNo District. “Becoming Kosher certified by OU was an obvious decision for us. Customers can feel 100% confident in the quality and standards we place on the ingredients used to brew our beers.”

Blue Moon recently moved from its landmark Sandlot location, which it had outgrown, and selected the RiNo neighborhood in order to stay in Denver and align with the neighborhood’s inspirational and creative atmosphere. At the new location, customers are invited to try one of Blue Moon’s more than 20 rotating beers, including its flagship Blue Moon Belgian White – Belgian Style Wheat Ale. In addition, there is a self-guided tour that guests can take at any time to learn about the history of the brand and the brewing process.

Blue Moon obtained OU Kosher certification for all of its beers in 1995 and has placed the OU Kosher logo on its packaging ever since. Blue Moon will be promoting the Kosher certification of its RiNo facility by adding the OU logo to beer menus, promoting across social media and ensuring the OU symbol is included on all packaging.

About OU Kosher

OU Kosher is the foremost authority in kosher certification on over 60 percent of

America’s produced foods and beverages from the coveted Oreo to the thirst-quenching  Coca-Cola. Over $150 billion of kosher certified products are consumed annually, and OU Kosher created the technology that enables global businesses to produce kosher products simply

and seamlessly. OU Kosher’s global network of kosher experts helps our clients navigate the certification process, and find solutions that meet the needs of a variety of industries. OU Kosher’s trademark, immediately and universally enhances a product’s value, raising the perception of its quality, and increasing its marketability.

About Blue Moon Brewing Company

Blue Moon Brewing Company takes pride in the quality and creativity of its beers and embraces the process it takes to get there. Our founder and head brew master, Keith Villa, dreamt up Blue Moon Belgian White while spending time living and learning in Belgium. Years later, we still pull inspiration from the people and places around us. Since our first creative twist in 1995 in Denver, we have continued to have fun experimenting and trying out new styles for our fans to enjoy. That’s why at Blue Moon Brewing Company, something’s always brewing. More information is available at