Van Drunen Farms: Commitment to Quality for More than a Century

For More Than One Hundred Years the Van Drunen family has been committed to quality. From the selection of the finest raw ingredients to the processing, packaging and shipping of each product, Van Drunen Farms strives to provide ingredients with the best flavor, color and texture. Our fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, dairy and other ingredients are produced to flavor, enhance and create today’s food products.

Quality begins from the ground up. As grower as well as processors, we are uniquely able to produce products that have been under our control from seed to shipping. For those ingredients that we do not produce ourselves, our role as growers helps us to identify suppliers whose standards and qualifications match our own.

Van Drunen Farms produces ingredients that are consistent, wholesome and functional. We offer a variety of products– including frozen herbs and vegetables, freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and herbs, drum-dried fruit and vegetable powders or flakes, and several sugar-infused fruit products as well.

OU certification became necessary in recent years because customers started demanding kosher products; therefore, food companies were looking for kosher certified ingredients to meet demand. As the most recognized certifying agency, OU was an easy choice for us.

Because of our wide variety of products, our careful tracking and segregation of kosher and non-kosher raw materials, and the constant monitoring of our fields and processing standards, kosher certification is a constant challenge. The reward, however, is the ability to sell to a growing number of companies that produce kosher products for today’s food service needs.

At Van Drunen Farms, we appreciate the great working relationship we have with Rabbi Elimelech Friedman and Rabbi Aaron Karmon, our local representatives, and Rabbi David Bistricer, our national OU representative. We look forward to many more years of working with the Orthodox Union for our kosher certification.

OU Kosher Staff