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Pas Yisroel List For 5781 – 2020

Updated September 21, 2020  –  Tishrei 5781 The Tur (Orach Chaim, Siman 603), based upon the Talmud Yerushalmi, cites the custom for Jews to be stringent during the Aseres Yimei Teshuva to eat exclusively ‘Pas Yisroel’ bread. Even those Jews who generally do not exclusively eat ‘Pas Yisroel’ are encouraged to accept this practice during […]

Spices and Kashrus

From Daf HaKashrus by Rabbi Mordechai Stareshefsky The significance of Rosh Hashana and the Yemei Hadin does not lie merely in the fact that it is the first day of the year and it is when people are judged. As we are taught in the very first Mishnah in Rosh Hashana, it is the beginning […]

Rabbi Daniel Sharratt Answers Questions on Certifying Companies

There are many certifications you may want to feature on your product, depending on what’s appropriate like Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, nut-free and more. But a food certification that’s been around longer than any of these is the Kosher one. Rabbi Daniel Sharratt, Rabbinic coordinator for Orthodox Union, a Kosher certification agency based in New York whose […]

If you’re TRAVELING THIS SUMMER, you’ll need this Kosher guide to FOR FOOD & TRAVEL

With an expected surge in domestic travel this summer due to COVID-19, Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, has launched a free online kosher food and travel guide to help Jews follow dietary and ritual observance while away from home.    The guide offers a listing of kosher food products that one […]

Coca Cola Freestyle Machines

Coca Cola Freestyle Machines enable the consumer to mix a variety of soft drink flavors to his/her own personal choice. All flavors available in the freestyle machines in the United States and Canada are products of the Coca Cola Company. We confirm that they are all produced under the certification of the Orthodox Union and […]

Coronavirus Advisory

As we all confront the challenges brought about by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), all of us at the OU Kosher certification agency continue our mission to provide the highest level of Kosher certification. As the pandemic evolves, we are doing everything we can to assist our communities and customers worldwide. The following resources are available to […]

Morocco’s Legacy of Jewish-Muslim Coexistence

Influential American Rabbi Menachem Genack shares his personal connection to the Moroccan monarchy’s legacy of benevolence towards the Jewish community. Please read more here.

What If I Find A Dairy Spoon In My Meat Dishwasher?

What do we do when we find a dairy spoon in the meat dishwasher? These mixups happen! Rabbi Elefant explains what to do with the dishwasher, the meat dishes, and the rogue piece of dairy silverware.

OU Kosher Jelly Belly Presents BeanBoozled Fiery Five Challenge with Spicy Hot New Flavors

FAIRFIELD, Calif., Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Things are heating up at Jelly Belly Candy Company. Available now, BeanBoozled® Fiery Five™, a new line of progressively hotter Jelly Belly® jelly bean flavors that challenge spicy food lovers to see how hot they can handle. Available on JellyBelly.com and at retailers nationwide, BeanBoozled Fiery Five lets […]

Comforting Crockpot Sweet Potato Goulash

Come home to a hot, comforting meal that you just want to melt into. This sweet potato goulash can be made in a crockpot or on the stovetop, and it’s sure to keep you warm as it gets colder outside. Plus with just 10 minutes of prep, it’s hard to imagine anything easier.