The Olives of Seville: Loreto Specialty Foods S.L. from the South of Spain

Loreto Specialty Foods S.L., one of Spain’s largest olive producers, has faithfully served the global market for more than 30 years. Since the early 1970’s, when the business got underway, the company has become one of the major exporters and a leading marketer of olives, thanks to its strong customer commitment and a sales formula characterized by consistent high quality production, use of only the finest raw materials, the latest processing and packing technologies, competitive pricing, flexibility, reliability and responsive service.

Loreto’s corporate offices and processing plant are nestled in the fertile region of Seville in Southern Spain, the largest olive-producing area in the world, and are surrounded by immense olive groves that form the heartland for the growth of the finest Spanish green Manzanilla and Queen olives, as well as black or ripe olives.

The hypermodern processing and packing plant, with a production capacity of over 18,000 cases in an eight-hour shift, produces more than 400 SKUs of packed product, including a large number of olive varieties and presentations, as well as other Mediterranean specialty food items including Spanish premium olive oils, capers and cocktail onions.

Unique as one of the few olive processors in the industry, Loreto Specialty Foods S.L. maintains in addition to its various high-speed production lines for premium food products, a separate pimiento paste or “paglutine” factory that supplies the core ingredient for its delicious and top selling SKUs, the pimiento stuffed Manzanilla and Queen olives.

The packed products are marketed under the premium brand Loreto and supplied in full containers of a sole SKU or mixed with several product items. In addition, Loreto offers private label programs, both for retail and food service, and meets all quality and packing needs or requirements.

The finished products are marketed worldwide, including the United States, by far the world’s leading consumer of olives. In order to better serve the American market and simultaneously to underscore its commitment to its customers who have come to rely on Loreto Specialty Foods, the company sought OU certification for all U.S. destined SKUs, both branded and private label.

Thanks to Loreto’s high quality standards, for many years now the Orthodox Union has issued its Letter of Certification for almost all products packed and marketed by the company. Loreto is extremely proud to be authorized to display the OU symbol on the packaging of its specialty food items and is confident that OU certification will help the company meet the increasing demand for its products in a timely and efficient manner.

OU Kosher Staff